BEASTIE, isn't it cool?

Hello everyone!

Recently, Ono is addicted to going to a digging clothes at the end of work.

In the last few days of loot, CARHARTT's USA double knee pants that I was secretly aiming for.

This type of pants is often worn by senior Kota and YUMA during work.

I saw that I was wearing it in a good way like a workwear, and I just got my hand. smile

Moreover, I was able to dig out the W34 L32 and the new unused items of My Size, so I will grow it into my favorite feeling!

By the way, aside from that,

This time, I used that "singer frame" that Tyrant Bikes is a long time ago, so let's take a look!

Its name is BEASTIE.

Beastie, the second model of Tyrant Bikes, is a horizontal aluminum frame with a rather tough specification than the first model Kagero.

The feature of BEASTIE is its frame strength.

It can be said that it is strong because it uses insanely hard aluminum used for aircraft manufacturing, 6061-T4 and T6.

And another feature of BEASTIE is that it is the easiest price among the Tyrant Bikes models.

The frame set is less than 100,000, less than 100,000, so the width of the custom is considerably expanded!

So this time, I tried to customize it with the theme of "Beastie running around the city", so let's take a look!

Tyrant Bikes Beastie Frame Set Polish Matte

I use BEASTIE's Polsh Matte color.

This futuristic coloring is never seen in other pisto frames!

This is the handle to set on such a BEASTIE!


"Beastie runs around the city." When I decided to customize it with this theme, this DABAR came to my mind.

With overwhelming lightness and maneuverability, you can enjoy the sharp running comfort.

It is also a certified part of the UCI, which is the International Federation of Bicycle Competition, so the accuracy is also attached.


If you match such a DABAR, it is decided by DEDA ZERO100.

ZERO100 boasts lightness that is not an exaggeration to say that it is a representative of lightweight stem.

The handling will be quite comfortable just by attaching this, so it is a gem you want to try!


The front wheel is a standard, but a T3 that cuts the wind stylishly.

Needless to say the performance, the matte texture matches Bestie.


If you come to the front desk with T3, after all, SHRED88 for the rear! This time, I tried to put SHRED60 with a modest rim hat.

Compared to SHRED88, it is less susceptible to crosswinds, and it is more recommended than SHRED88 in terms of ease of running!

Continental Gatorskin is set firmly on the tires. This is already an iron plate. smile

Rotor Vegast Track Crank Set

Vegast is set from the Spanish national team ROTOR for the crank.

ROTOR cranks are still light. Beastie has a slightly frame weight compared to Kagero.

Let's reduce weight with a driving train crank. smile


This pedal shines brilliantly next to the crank.

This is a FIXED GEAR pedal produced by car parts brand GREDDY.

The know -how of automobile parts is used, and all the parts produced are cut out by cutting.

It boasts the ultimate accuracy and is definitely No.1 in the pedal you put in your house.

By the way, Greddy has already finished the production of Fixed Gear parts, so if it is sold out, it will never be obtained again.

It is a gem that you do not see in other shops, so if you are looking for it as soon as possible!


Finally, let's stick to the cog.

Set SUPERSTAR, a middle grade model from the classic EURO-ASIA.

The whole is shiny chrome coating, and the accuracy and strength are the finished finish!

Since the frame is silver -based coloring, "dare" is not "Gold Medal but Superstar

In the chain HKK Vertex Silver of. If you unify the color with parts like this, the looks will be tightened!

How is it?

Honestly, Beastie is a frame that tends to be focused on Tyrant Bikes, such as Kagero and Legacy. smile

But I personally think it's quite an ant for me who doesn't like wearing people.

By the way, this time I chose a Polish Matte color frame, but there is also a color called Black Matte like this.

This is pretty cool again.

Both colors are on display at the store, so if you are interested, please check it out at the store!

Then, again.



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