I can't sympathize at all

What is the best crank in the crank I've used so far?
Sugino? Rotor? Omnium?
I answer SHIMANO.

It is a contrarian nerd.
It wasn't because everyone was using it, but personally, the use of SHIMANO's Dura-Ace was very good.
Limited to the octalink.


The simple and simple design is just SHIMANO.
There are two great points of this crank.

・ Octalink standard
・ Hollow crank

These are SHIMANO's unique design, so it is a feature that other brands do not have.
It has a gear -like shape, which has the effect of increasing the ground contact surface of the shaft and BB and increases rigidity.
In fact, I personally felt that there was less deflection than other cranks.

And on the back of the crank, you can see bold meat removal and rugged arms.
This arm has a hollow structure, so the crank itself can be finished lightly.
This technology seems to be a SHIMANO patent.

The structure of BB is also unique.
Basically, ball bearings are used for bicycle bearings, but the BB-7700 also uses a needle bearing.
It doesn't turn like Sugino's NJS BB, but I feel that the balance between moderate grease and light rotation is just right.
It's easy to adjust the ball.

Although it is such a good crank, the popularity is surprisingly thin.
Is it sober? I really like it, including the design.
If you are considering upgrading the crank, why not put it as a candidate?


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