For you who feel unsatisfactory in everyd...

Camembert cheese is a snowmen.

Good evening!
I'm Miya, from the northern earth.

More than a year early since Corona's trends
From the tension of last spring, the inertia of so -called "collona"
Somehow it relaxes the world today.
It's like a bad atmosphere wraps around society.

After all, I think that the scariest thing is getting used to humans.

This depression, can't you get rid of it without being blamed by anyone?

Or, that's the case with Corona
I think many people have chosen "fixes" as new means of transportation avoiding honey.
how is it?
Are you getting used to it soon?

As the strongest gadget that blows off and refreshes the relaxed brain

Dsnv Losangels Custom bike ¥ 367,000(intax)


Spain -born creative brand "dosnoventa" (DSNV)

[Dosnobenta] means "290" in Spanish
This is the "BB height" of the frame they are making (distance from the ground to the BB shell)
Is coming from 290mm.

Because this BB height is considerably higher than that of a normal brand
At the time of turning right and left, there is an advantage to avoid interference on rank arms and pedals on the ground due to tilting the body.
This is a strong consideration of riding on streets with many sharp turning points.

The current frame of DSNV is

・ The best -selling “Losangels” featuring beautiful horizontal

・ Agrative Pashute Geometry “Detroit”

・ “Barcelona” using traditional 1 -inch steel

・ The overwhelming performance of carbon frame "TOKYO"

Four types.

All of them are as beautiful as paintings, and are the finest frames that praise the modern beauty beauty like modern architecture.
Above all, I would like to introduce it again today
A new frame is also a new frame that was sold out in November of last November
It is GREEN CAMO of "Losangels".

First of all, the coloring expressed in this earth color one tone.

Exquisitely lives with freshness like sprout and calm impression of matte finish.
I want to give a generous cheering for the color sensation of DSNV's originality.

COLUMBUS aluminum tube "Airplane")

In addition, it tends to be inclined with color such as green and khaki.
It is unrelated to the strictness and ruggedness seen in the so -called "military taste"
The compact and minimal taste is also very good
A perfect balance that is overwhelmingly unique but not noticeable.

(Detailed details with high design)

(Inside the chain stay peeking from the drive train side)

In addition, information on tubes and tire clearance on the front fork chain stay.
It is written as one of the frame design.
The high degree of perfection that does not make you feel particularly uncomfortable is also excellent because of the good fit.

The parts used for custom this time are as follows.

DEDA ZERO100 handle ¥ 12,870 (intax)
DEDA ZERO100 Stem ¥ 10,560 (Intax)
DEDA SUPER SUPERLEGGERA Seat Post ¥ 23,420 (Intax)
Fabric Scoop Sports Saddle ¥ 4,950 (Intax)
H Plus Son SL-42 ¥ 11,000 (+tax)

that's all,
Introducing the unique frame that has a sophisticated and modern design unique to DSNV.

This frame that fills the ownership of ownership and drives the most primitive desire to run.

Those who are disgusted with the recent situation where everything has been oppressed,
Those who have "got used to" in such a situation,
For many people who have not found fun in this difficult environment
It is one of the gem that I want to recommend now.

By all means, please enjoy more exciting tomorrow than yesterday.


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