Please feel "fun".

I want to ride a fixie bike, but I still have anxiety and fear. I guess some people may not be able to step into the purchase.

I still want to ride a stylish and cool single gear motorcycle.

Fairdale Express is a motorcycle you want.

Fairdale Express

A motorcycle that can be used not only for city riding, but also for commuting and holiday play tools.

The fixi is a bit like an expert. Such anxiety should be able to be resolved.

The steel material is equipped with a riser bar. Because thick tires can be installed, it is a relaxing and relaxing riding.

Gears can be used as a fixie bike because they have both free and fixed.

The color is mat charcoal. Because it has a matte texture and catchy color scheme, it is a color that is easy to choose from men to women.

Windmura of the bro -side staff. Hobbies are skateboards in addition to the fixes.

If you attach a rack, you can go to the park and enjoy skateboarding.

Fairdale Skateboard Pannier Rack ¥ 5,170- (tax included)

Fairdale Adust-A-RACK ¥ 9,350- (tax included)

* Skate bore drag is not included with the body.

Express itself can also be enjoyed as a trick bike. It is a perfect one for you who love streets who love skateboarding.

Buy a bike that you can enjoy, which is a degree of freedom, rather than buying a cheap bicycle.

If you have any concerns about the size and specifications, please feel free to contact us.

Express eliminates boring time.


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