I want to assemble BEASTIE.

This time, I wanted to assemble the hottest BEASTIE like this, so I finished it into one.
It is a custom that makes use of the characteristics of the frame, so if you are considering it, please take a look!

>> Tyrant Bikes Beastie <<

My impression of BEASTIE is the power under the hard edge.
There is no gorgeousness like Leader or Dosnoventa, but it is a piste bike that supports everyday life.
Simple appearance and performance. It is one with excellent toughness.

If you get lost in the wheel, this! It is a combination of iron plate.
PHILWOOD with the accuracy and rigidity of Easton R90SL and durability.
This time, I tried to assemble the hub with a gun meta, but I fell in love at first sight because it was too cool.
The frame is matte finish, so it matches more than a shiny polish.

It is also Donpisha for the features and designs of BEASTIE.
Of course, there is an objection, but I personally can't think of anything other than this wheel.
Feeling that it was suddenly answered.

This is also a thick riser bar on the handle.
Low -rise and wide handle.
Until then, it is very universal.
I think it's a masterpiece that is indispensable for motorcycles that are on and off.

SIM WORKS by Nitto Mowmow Bar

The crank was at a loss, but I gave priority to the texture of the frame and made it an affinity guy.
The lack of performance is pear because it is a professional specification that can withstand the use of authentic truck competitors.
It is a undercarriage that can be crunchy.


It was a good child without trouble like this.
Muddy and powerful. Alley Cat is a bike that suits the word.
You will be a reliable partner for work.


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