Released from Easy Rider T-Shirts 7/15 12:00

SUMMER TIME's Good Vibes item will be released from tomorrow.

Familiar every timeBrewery in Chigasaki, Shonan"Barbaric Works"

Mexican restaurant in Chigasaki"Andret TACOS"

And "Brotures"

Released last month as a special triple name IPAEasy RiderIt will be an official march.

Easy Rider T-Shirts ¥ 5,500 (in tax)

I was impressed by the good old Japanese match labels, and worked on works that incorporate various culture elements.Yutaka/YutakaHis design for backprint.

After pedaling, thirsty thirst was moisturized with beer, and that goosebumps that permeated the whole body were expressed with tie -dye.

The intense heat is expected to be the day after tomorrow, so change into a T -shirt and make a toast!

Sales are pre -sold at BROTURES stores and BarbaricWorks.
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Limited only 60pcs.