It is held at Nissan Stadium in September 2023"CMWC2023"

This 29th event is an international event that is recognized around the world, centered on messenger competitions.

It will be held at the end of this month, and the streets of urban athletes are coming to Japan from all over the world.

To be honest, the global messenger event is not familiar in Japan, but there is no precedent in the location and scale, and it will surely be exciting.

People who are not familiar with the world of fixie bikes will surely excite. There will be a Brotures booth on the day, so please come and visit us.

And before the event, BROTURES produced an original racing apparel. The first issue will be a collaboration socks of Surf Skate Camp, which has been friendly than the foundation of Brotures.

"We Support Your Feet."

California's atmosphere and culture were fascinated and started as a sock brand in 2015. As the brand name suggests, SURF, Skate, Camp, and the surrounding counterculture are held on the backbone, and various designs are digested to socks with their own interpretation.

→ Surf Skate CaMP ←

When I was inspired by this idea, this item was the first thing I wanted to make. The socks that flicker each pedaling are a mast -buy for fixie riding.

Use bandana, handle the shoelaces that cannot be solved, and stick to sneakers. It can be said that the sense of the feet is very questionable. Just thinking about that, this time, we decided to make items specialized in bicycles this time.

Let's introduce the items immediately.

Ride on Socks Black/White ¥ 3,300 (in Tax)

As a design, the brotures original logo visible during pedaling. A brand sign that is familiar with SSC on the instep part.

This item is designed for bicycle riding, focusing on how to knit in each section.


First of all, the sole is a thick pile knitting, reducing the burden on the soles when riding.

The race is over and the binding shoes are solved and relaxed. At that time, it would be cool to wear this socks. Usually, we are mainly standing work, so we included the functions we wanted to take into account. The comfort of the sneakers you usually wear will change your comfort if you follow this socks.


On the other hand, the part of the instep is flat, so it is easy to take off the shoes and have a good breathability.

It is difficult to convey the subtle pedaling nuances to the cog if the feet are loose when riding a fixie bike, so it is NO to go wild. By making a flat knit, you can firmly fix your feet with shoes to prevent pedaling loss.

Finally, the shaft part. This is relatively tight. When you are rowing as much as you can, you may have experienced the socks falling more and more like loose socks. That's stress. In order to make the brotures cross logo on the back stand out, I was stuck in tight making.

I want you to get this Ride on Socks and attack the street, the race, and the limit.

From 9/8, it will be released at all BROTURES stores and online sites. There is a risk that it will be sold out by the event, so if you are worried, please be as soon as possible.


As an aside, I have used his socks since the establishment of SSC. I usually fix my motorcycle, travel, and camp at home, as well as fixie bikes. Things are a type that takes care of them, but there are many scenes that overuse, and in the conventional socks, holes were opened and extended, and it did not last for half a year. However, this SSC socks have no holes even after 7-8 years, and the black body faded a little, and it became a vintage-like outfit. In other words, my treasure. In the routine of every morning, if the socks you pick up are SSC things, the beginning of the day will make you feel like SO good.

As an aside, my SSC socks collection looks like this. Is the "SS" logo in the center of the image probably a 1st model? Probably only me who bought 2 pairs and still save them in NOS in their bags. lol

Thanks to Jun, the SSC representative who cooperated so far in the production of this socks. The world is full of clothing, but this item is full of thoughts, beliefs, and respect for each other. We will not forget SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL when making collaboration items. So this Harajuku has been recognized all over the world. Hoping that this socks will cross to your hands, appearing in the future.

Then, please check out tomorrow! !