Mate City Legacy Black will be reserved f...

"" gave birth in Copenhagen, Denmark, the world's largest bicycle city in the world

Looking at the rider, usage, situation, and various angles, it boasts outstanding performance among existing E-Bike, gaining popularity as a new mobility.

And the Mate City Legacy Black, which is particularly popular among the lineups, has finally been restocked.

Mate City mechanical Legacy Black ¥ 275,000 (tax included)

This Mate City is designed and designed for more city riding while retaining the same level of technical capabilities as the Mate X with fat tires.

The tire size is thinner, the performance of the small turn is increased, and the weight is lightweight and easy to carry. Of course, the bicycle parking lot problem that is troubled by Mate X has also been solved.

In particular, a compact design is adopted so that even small women in the 150cm range can easily ride, so it is a combination of couples and loading on cars. The most convenient city bike.

However, as I mentioned ahead, it will be a very popular model, so this time.Order of limited to 20 unitsIt has become. I'm really sorry I couldn't secure a lot.

Reservations are available at Broturs stores.

Those who could not purchase last time. Those who have lived a new life this spring. Please feel free to contact us.