There is a stock wheel using BROSAKA F ri...

Hello, this is Kazu.

Have you received an F rim order?

It's a special wheel order opportunity for yourself,

In addition, the price of the custom product and the basic specifications is the same,

This is a pretty advantageous point, for details that can be ordered in detailHerePlease refer to the!

Basically, the rims other than the basic specifications are not basically,

There are some stock wheels using the current F rim in the Osaka store

This time I will introduce them!

Since it is only one of each, I do not know if it will be stocked next, even if it is a stock wheel,

In addition, the wheels that can be attached with zero delivery date, so if you are interested, please be as soon as possible!

I will introduce it along with the mounting photo.

Brotures F RIM 55 × by Broturs Track Hub Sapim CX-Ray

Front ¥ 77,550-INTAX REAR \ 80,850-INTAX

BROTURES hand -assembled wheels with original components. It is a good -running wheel with cospa.

The F55 is a light quality rim that is light enough to be lined up with ENVE and so on if it is light. It is an item that our staff loves.

The by Brotures hub has a development of around 32 holes, 20 holes front and 24 rear holes, so this time it is a combination of 20/24, which emphasizes lightness.


Front ¥ 115,500-INTAX

Rear ¥ 118,800-INTAX

Classic combination. This uses UD F rim that can only be selected at the time of order.

A clean look without disturbing the frame is good. The rim hats are 45mm and just yes Shioume.

Since it is a Protrack hub of PHIL, the rotation is perfect for racing like a kick -like bend like a crit race.


Front ¥ 119,900-INTAX REAR ¥ 125,400-INTAX

Superlight as described in the hub. Combination of transcendental lightweight hub and brotures original carbon rim,

This hub has only 2 sets in front and rear sets, so if you are worried, you are in a hurry ...

There is no plan to arrive next time, so don't miss this opportunity

The rim is 3K, so it seems to fit in any car body, you can set it like a race, or set it everyday,

Just keep the front and rear sets to greatly expand the width of the fun!

BROTURES F RIM × MACK SL Track Hub Low Flange

Front ¥ 111,100-INTAX

This is also a combination of F rim and MACK.

The rim hats are a 79mm marble pattern, so the impact is enough, and the presence is outstanding even with the front alone,

The spokes use CX-Ray and are the highest specifications.

It is a light and high rigidity wheel!

The above is the stock wheel using the F rim.

If there is something with the same content as the content you were trying to receive, there is no other option to choose here,

Of course, we are waiting for you to order and consult with other combinations.

Please feel free to come and contact us from stores, LINE, DM!


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