Cinelli is the last one.

Hello, this is Ren.

Why is choosing a frame so exciting?

I chose Kagero for the first time, but I started riding a Vigorelli Steel from there.

As you know to the deepest frame, the more attractive you are. That's why it's fun to assemble from roses.

The frame introduced today is one of the truck frames that I really recommend.

It will be VIGORELLI of Cinelli.


VIGORELLI was a model name of three VIGORELLI series, which was on the CINELLI track frame line.

It was shocking that I came here and used the pashute design even though it was all sloping design.

It was one year later that it arrived after the start of sales. You waited quite a bit. And of course the reservation is sold out.

The shape of the base inherits VIGORELLI Shark.

The pipes used for the frame will still use Columbus's 7005 Aluminum Pipe Air Plain.

It's the same pipe as DOSNOVENTA's Detroit and Los Angeles. After the 7000s, it is still light and reacts.

The fork also uses a colon bus full carbon fork "Futura". It's a road standard 45mm offset.

Here, the element of Vigorelli Steel is inherited. This angle, which is necessary to enable light handling, also supports Crit.

The BB offset and the 50mm are also high. We have inherited the Vigorelli Steel, which specializes in clets.

After all, this frame design seems to be Cinelli.

This design, designed with hologram silver in gray maola color, is exciting just by looking at it.

The seat tube also contains a UCI mark that will be permitted to use in certified competitions. It's a full -fledged frame.

This frame will not be in stock next time.

If this is gone, please think that you will not be able to buy it for the time being.

The last one, the size is S size. If you are interested, please contact us.


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