Learn well and play well. To the city, to the mountains, to the sea.
721TR supports the next generation's active lifestyle.


or ¥3,316/month, paid in 36 installments





Bringing the LEADER worldview to people all over the world

The 721 is a model that retains the identity of LEADER while reducing costs through careful selection of components and pipes in order to bring fixed gear culture to as many riders as possible.

The 721TR, with its pure and clean form and dynamic operability, is the perfect companion for energetic young people.

Unique colors and customization

We use mainstream standards for frames and parts, giving you a wider range of parts to choose from when customizing.
Available in three colors - matte black, gloss white, and matte orange - riders can create a unique bike that reflects their personality.

It can be customized to suit a variety of lifestyles, making it a bike that allows you to enjoy customizing parts to the fullest, which is one of the great joys of fixed gear bikes.

Lightweight aluminum frame + internal specifications

The frame is made of the same aluminum as the higher-end model and comes standard with a full carbon fork, making it lightweight.
Furthermore, the internal brake specification allows the brake cable to be routed inside the frame, so brakes can be installed without compromising the beautiful design of the LEADER.

Wide range of sizes available

Available in sizes from XS to XL, it fits a wide range of riders, from women to large men.
If you have any concerns about your size, please feel free to contact us.

*Front and rear brakes and pedals are included.

Size Chart

XS Size

S Size164~172cm
M Size170~178cm
L Size176~184cm

XL Size


*The above is just a rough guideline. The appropriate height may vary depending on factors such as the length of your limbs and body structure. If you are unsure about the size, please feel free to contact us.

ForkLEADER I806TR Full Carbon Fork
HeadsetFSA C40
HandlebarFSA OMEGA HB alloy compact 400mm 31.8mm
StemFSA OMEGA ST alloy 70mm 6° 31.8mm
CrankLD-DEEP, 48T, 165mm, 130mm(BCD), 1/8"
BBTANGE LN-3912, 103mm
BrakesetPromax RC-462
ChainKMC Z410
SaddleVelo VL-1205
SeatpostFSA GOSSAMER SeatPost 31.6mm x 350
RimHJC DA-250, 700c, 24.7mm
TireCHAO TANG H-419, 700c x 23c
CogJoytech 1/8", 16T(Fixed/Free)

There may be changes in the design and specifications of the model based on the manufacturer's discretion.
Even if the specifications have changed, there will be no changes in terms of quality. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

A Bike Brand from California that Changes the Game

Since 1999, LEADER® has been dedicated to creating the fixed-gear culture in Los Angeles, California. They develop their products based on California's unique design aesthetics and realism, continually striving to create value and innovative offerings.

LEADER® receives daily support from local riders and supporters, leading to a focus on creating products and building the brand from the perspective of the riders themselves, rather than solely from a brand perspective. The passion and attention to detail they put into their products sets them apart from other brands, creating a significant difference between LEADER® bikes and others.

Would you like to be a part of the future that LEADER® creates?

Lifetime Warranty for Long-lasting Peace of Mind

LEADER® provides a lifetime warranty through BROTURES, ensuring that you can ride with peace of mind for many decades.

Warranty Coverage

LEADER® Frame: Lifetime warranty (LEADER® carbon products are covered for 12 months)

Non-LEADER® products or components: Not covered by the warranty


- Proof of purchase from an authorized dealer is required (excludes used bikes or private sales)

- Damages due to accidents, lack of maintenance, improper storage, or incorrect usage are not covered by the warranty.

Product Features

Tapered Head Tube: The bottom of the head tube is designed to a 1.5-inch standard, providing excellent handling and durability, making it an industry-leading specification.

Double Butted Tubing: To achieve strength suitable for street rides while keeping the weight low, LEADER® uses double-butted tubing, which varies in thickness at different parts of the tube.

7 Layered Water Paint: LEADER® applies a high-quality seven-layer water paint to their bikes, ensuring they remain beautiful for a long time. This premium paint is highly resistant to scratches and exudes a luxurious feel that cannot be easily expressed in words.

Get Your Dream Bike and Parts for Less than ¥10,000 per Month!

By using BROTURES' partnered bicycle loan, you can make installment payments at an annual interest rate of approximately 5%.
No credit card is required.
You can enjoy 2 to 3 times lower interest rates compared to the average annual interest rate on credit cards.
You can specify the down payment and the number of payment installments according to your budget.
If you want to get your hands on "good stuff" even if it's a bit pricey, we highly recommend our bicycle loan.

The loan simulation shown in the image is just an example.
However, there are three conditions to qualify for a motorcycle loan.
(1) You must live in Japan.
(2) You must be working in Japan.
(3) You must be able to read and write Japanese.

All bikes can be customized according to your preferences and lifestyle. We highly recommend customizing your bike to match your personal taste. If you have any inquiries or specific customization requests, please feel free to contact us using the order form below.


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User & Staff Voices


  • My piste life started here

    Ogomori Kota

    I currently ride a 735TR, but the first fixie bike I ever got was actually this 721TR.

    The moment I saw a picture online of an overseas rider riding an orange 721TR, I was shocked by how cool it looked.
    From there, I did some quick research, and within a few days, I had taken out a loan at the BROTURES Harajuku store. lol

    I bought it as a complete car, but as I rode it, I wanted to change it to a riser handle, so I vividly remember buying a used NITTO handle at the Kichijoji store and replacing it myself.
    The cost performance is excellent and the potential is incredible.
    Personally, I think it's good as a car to get started with, or as a car to keep for a long time! (More than anything, it looks cool.)

    If you are interested, why not try making your piste debut with the 721TR?

  • 早く出会いたかった