Philwood High Flange Track Hub Sliver



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It is a PHILWOOD high flange truck hub.

The highest quality US 6061 aluminum alloy hubchel is the highest -level rigidity and durability.

Based on the idea that this part, which is the most loaded and continues to rotate on bicycles, needs the largest security in this area, it is produced in pursuit of durability that keeps maintenance -free and without breaking.

It is the best hub in the beauty of finishing in addition to durability and rotation performance.

Made in USA


1971Founded in San Jose, California from the year.Wrap, beautiful and simple design. Ultimate durable and quality hubBB, The best American brand that delivers scuna and spokes"PHIL WOOD / Filewood"。 As a representative of the hub, which is said to not be broken for a lifetime, he released many solid and talented items. Small parts and beautiful alumite color variations are also enhanced.

▪︎Weight: 225g / 389g

▪︎Overlock nut: 100mm / 120mm

▪︎Holes: 32H

You can order custom-built wheels where you can choose your preferred rim, hub, and spokes, and our professional mechanics will hand-build each wheel to your specifications.
If you have any inquiries or special requests regarding customization, please feel free to contact us using the order form below.


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