Thomson Elite SeatPost Straight



Thomson's classic seat post

It is a seat post made by cutting out high quality aluminum. Lightweight and durable, loved by riders around the world. The texture unique to CNC processing is irresistible. You can choose the presence or absence of a setback. It is one that can be used regardless of the model, such as road bikes and MTB, as well as fixie bikes.


Aluminum product manufacturer based in Macon, Georgia, which is said to be the center of the US aircraft industry
It produces high -strength and lightweight components, taking advantage of the 30 -year -old computer control machine technology (CNC). The products they have created are very good for mechanics, and their stable and high performance has gained enormous trust from many professional riders.

▪︎Diameter: 27.2mm/31.6mm

▪︎Setback: 0mm

▪︎Weight: 223g (31.6mm)



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