Danger to mix? ?

Danger to mix.

I sometimes hear this word in my daily life.

Generally, it does not mix acidic and chlorine -based detergents, and it seems that toxic gas will occur when mixed.

SuchDon't mixThe combination of is surprisingly close.I missed mentoscola that I often did when I was in elementary school.

To be familiar to me, it's a mess to match the NIKE SB sneakers with adidas socks, wear a Yankees cap, wear a Manchester United game shirt, or combine competing brands and cultures. 。

There are many NG combinations of chemicals, ingredients and fashion like this,There is no such thing on the fixie bike!
My favorite car combines Thomson, Paul, CHRIS KING, EURO-ASIA, NITTO, SUGINO, MICHE, Campagnolo, Selle Italia, DT-Swiss, Continental, and more than 10 components around the world. lol
There is no correct answer or incorrect answer, you can create one you like,I think this is the charm of a fixie bike.
So, everyone who loves Leader Angelino's new color Trans Black!
I simply customized only the handle and wheels, so let's check it out immediately.
All used for this custom was Dosnoventa parts. (DSNV)
Is it good to attach DSNV parts to frames other than DSNV from customers? I'm asked, but it's OK at all! Rather, I want you to use it.
Because it has both the performance and accuracy that jumps over the genuine parts.
In particular, DSNV®︎106 Wheel Set turns to Kyunkyun because of the endose contract from the wheel manufacturer's Hed.
"Danger of mixing"Please customize your fixie bike for your liking without being trapped in this word.
Of course, our staff will cooperate to create your best.
Please feel free to contact us at stores and DM if you have any parts that you do not understand or are worried!


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