"For OG" custom.

DOG has finally come to my home.
It's a miniature schnauzer Moja🐕‍🦺
It's really messy. Nice to meet you.

Hi, it's Mojamoja Moja.

Well, today

Custom a new color "Desert Yellow" released last month! !

DSNV®︎ / Detroit Frame Set

In the previous blog, we performed a custom of black -based tone as a customer bike check, but this time, I tried to make one of "Silver hardened" as announced.

(By the way, Bild by Macchan!)

Nitto for Shred Bar φ31.8

Sella Italia Milano Flite "Racer"


In addition to the coloring of DETROIT, which has an exquisite feeling even though it is a new article, it is inserted everywhere that feels old and nostalgic.

Speaking of silver components, NITTO, which is always a candidate, (rhyme☆)
The crank borrows the power of SUGINO in the world.

Not only the appearance, but also the specifications that show the original specifications of the frame without regret.


The rim is "CRAFT POLISH", a WIVER that is personally intense.

Apparently, it seems to be completely sold out, and we are currently preparing for reproduction.
We will also accept reservations, so if you want, please contact us as soon as possible.

By Brotures Track Hub

In addition, I immediately install new new products on the front and rear wheels.

Newcomer with a sophisticated design with bolt nuts as seen in PHILWOOD etc.
“By Brotures Track Hub”.

This is the strongest truck hub in Cospa that the BROTURES staff tested many times and consulted with the manufacturer.

Mat -finished black is also available at the same time, so if you order hand -assembled wheels in the future, please by all means as a new hub option.

Finally, it's easy to understand when you look at it,
All of these grips/saddles/tires/straps are unified into a bitter brown color to sublimate the silver or polish parts county, which shines a leading role or polished parts county into a more mature impression.

"Piste bike is a young vehicle."

Wipe out such a stereotype for OG (OLD GENERATION) It ​​is a custom of Macchan's whole body.

Thank you to all the Ikeoji people who understand the difference.

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