Chance for fixing debut! !

A fixie bike that has recently been established as a genre. Thanks to you, many brands have been released from various brands. On the contrary, there are too many types and I'm in trouble! ! To be honest, I don't know what motorcycle to start the pisto life! ! Today's blog I want to deliver to you. the other dayblogI introduced it(Click here for the previous blog !!)Local Bikes Elysian In addition, I will introduce a more affordable custom! ! Jan! !
Local Bikes Elysian X downtown Custom total amount¥ 77,800 (+tax) ¥ 54,800 (+tax)
This handle was custom this time! ! A track drop handle used in bicycle racing is improved for town riding. Just a handle unique to a piste bike! ! Elysian is easy to ride with a standard handle with a riser bar, After all, if you get on the fix, you want to emphasize the appearance! ! It is a handle that fulfills such requests. The price of a piste bike is really impressive, there are many types, and I don't know which one to buy. Of course, the question is for everyone at first. I just don't get lost! ! Please consult anything if you have any problems. Surely I will suggest the best car body for you.
Of course, this car body is also a loan Payment is also possible, so please consider it. YOSHIE
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