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The brand "Dosnoventa" that gains popularity side by side with Leader Bike New models such as NEO TOKYO and Barcelona are crowded, but don't forget this one.
In the last blog, I introduced it to 3 batons in a drop bar, but I personally prefer a powerful carbon wheel and a riser bar.
DOSNOVETA DETROIT2.0 Custom Bike ¥ 165,000 ~ (excluding tax) [SPEC] DOSNOVENTA DETROIT2.0 Frame BROTURES SHRED88 CARBON WHEEL Leader Bikes Uptown Riser Bar The easy -to -handle riser bar handle relaxes the form when riding to some extent, so it is easy to do tricks called "skids" or "standing". When I first got on a fixie bike, I practiced at night at this riser bar.
Macaframa Sf Track Bike Promo from Macaframa ON Vimeo. And if you want to customize it with Brotures, you want to focus on the front and rear wheels. This time, I dared to set up the SHRED88 in the test drive campaign instead of the baton wheel.
BRTURES SHRED88 Front WHEEL ¥ 55,000 (excluding tax) Actually, it is an ultra -light wheel that cuts below 900g contrary to the appearance. The price is less than 60,000 compared to baton wheels, so it is gaining popularity as the first carbon wheel custom.

When buying a loan with a loan, it is possible to make a loan from ¥ 8,400 a month. bikeBRegarding the details of the moon→ Last time blog ←Please confirm.

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