4/22 (Sun) Norida This time, collaboratio...

BICYCLE FES [Noridae] will be held next month on April 22nd (Sun) at the site of the Namura Shipyard! ! This time, it is a new event for music and bicycles in collaboration with the music event "We Want"! The artist on the music side is also a luxurious lineup, so We look forward to your visit of everyone! In addition, if you wish to enter the trick contest, we have started entry in advance from today. Thank you! "detail
"We Want Sunset Party x Norida" Performing artist:UKULELE GYPSY (Kiyosaku from Mongol800)BES (Acoustic Set) And More .. Open air area:Noridae "BMX & FIXED BIKE" FESTIVAL Date: April 22nd (Sun) Opening 15:00 / Start 15:00 Venue: Namura Shipyard Studio Partita Fee: Previous 3500 yen 4000 yen on the day Ticket Pia P-CODE 112014 Lawson Ticket L-Code 52316 PEATIX: http://wewantsunsetparty.peatix.com E -Plus http://sort.epLus.jp/sys/t1u14p0010163p0108p002254907P0050001P006001P0030001 [For those who wish to entry in advance] "BMX Trick Contest" "Fixed Bike Trick Contest" * Due to time constraints, we will set a limit on the number of people. BMX As soon as the first 30 people reach FIXED BIKE The reception ends as soon as the first 20 people reach * Gender confusion Please give me an early entry because it will be the first come, first served. ・ Date: 2018/4/22 (Sun) Location: Namura Shipyard site (under the red iron frame) Open 15:00 ~ ・ Entry fee: ¥ 3,500 +1D * Entrance fee is also included in the entry -fee of this contest for joint with music events. ¥ 3,500 +1D does not cost or more. ・ The tournament method is Please fight with [one -on -one tournament method]. One minute per person. Only the semi -finals and finals are 1 minute and 30 seconds. ・ Entry time: 14: 00-14: 40 * Please adhere to the time strictly. [BMX Street] 1st prize + trophy 2nd place award + trophy 3rd place award + trophy [Fixed bike] 1st prize + trophy 2nd place award + trophy 3rd place award + trophy Those who wish to enter are described below noridaore@gmail.com to! * Be sure to fill in the subject. Subject: [Noridao Trick Entry Hope] Body: Name (Frigana) : Gender/Age/Birthplace :Cellphone number : Email address : Nickname/affiliated team on the day 4/13 (Fri) Preliminary entry deadline! After the entry is completed, send a confirmation email from here. * Only if the number of people is not satisfied, entry at the venue is possible on the day. Also, enter the question, etc. in the subject as [Noridae Question]. noridaore@gmail.com Please. * Please be sure to fill in the subject. If you can enter in advance, you can operate the day smoothly. Thank you for your cooperation. * For those who only watch and enter the game, the admission fee will also be charged ¥ 3,500 + 1D. Thank you for your understanding.
1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi Ward, Osaka City MAP
12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)