Don't think that the size of the Osaka st...

In today's blog, there is a wide selection of products because of the size of the Osaka store. I want to show you! ! In BROTURES, basically sells "fixie bikes", As I mentioned at the beginning, the Osaka store is the largest store in BROTURES! Taking advantage of its size, we sell bicycles of other genres such as BMX, street cars, and cruisers! Today, I would like to introduce BMX and introduce it! ! First of all, from the introduction of the full -fledged competition "BMX" that has recently arrived! ! ・ SUBROSA 2018 TIRO ¥ 54,000 (+Tax)
Realize a reasonable price while keeping the specifications as much as possible for beginners! The handlebar is a high sizing of 9.0. Integral headset, MID BB, 3PC crank, and higher -end models. I don't know if you are starting BMX from now on or trick in earnest, but I want to ride BMX! Recommended for those who are! ・ SUBROSA 2018 Salvador ¥ 66,000 (+Tax)
Equipped with cool 4PC bars, SUBROSA, Shadow, and RANT parts! Using 100% CRO-MO for top tubes, down tubes and forks, it is one of the most popular because it is easy to purchase while high-spec. From the models here, you can start with good parts, so you can do TRICK! ・ SUBROSA 2018 LETUM ¥ 81,000 (+Tax)
The LETUM frame, handle, and fork are composed of full cromori and have excellent strength! High -quality parts assemble such as SURBOSA parts and RANT double wall rims. Pegs, hub guards, 4PC bars, and now becoming mainstream Equipped with a free coaster hub! Recommended for those who want to trick in earnest! ! ! ・ SUBROSA 2018 Malum ¥ 92,000 (+Tax)
Malum adopts a highly rigid full cromori for the frame, handlebar and front fork. The tires are equipped with Shadow Contender 2.35, Shadow Odin Top Load Stem, the front and rear wheels are luxuriously equipped with RANT double wall rims and fi -mail specification shield bearing hubs, SHADOW and SUBROSA aftermarket parts. I am. One of the high -grade models of SUBROSA BMX completed! ! The price is a little expensive, but you don't regret it! And next is the introduction of "BMX" for the city and cruiser! ・ How I Roll KICK'IT ¥ 70,000 (+Tax)
・ How I Roll "The Roots" [Black/PINK] ¥ 60,000 (+Tax) [CP] ¥ 64,000 (+Tax)
THE ROOTS -20 "--Pink
The models mentioned above like this are currently in stock at the store! ! Not to mention the fixie bike! We also handle a wealth of other genres such as BMX, so those who are thinking about buying a bicycle in the future. Please come to BROTURES OSAKA once! You can always find one of your favorite! ! April 22nd (Sun) [WE WANT x Norida]
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