The idiot does not heal even if he dies.

If you look at Encore WHEEL, your nostalgic feelings will not stop.
More than 10 years ago. There were some DVDs of the fixes in the shop before the relocation, but where did you do it? 。
This is one of my favorite pieces.

A documentary that follows the realistic culture of Los Angeles, not in New York or San Francisco.
The late KEO CURRY, famous for KEO SPIN, woven with LA's local.
I think it's ridiculous even now. So it looks super fun.
Be sure to make one trick makeup. It is transmitted seriously that I really like the fabric.

Maybe these people will get on the fixer again even if they get seriously injured.
It may be anachronistic now, but I'm here and I'm here.
So I want to keep making such a bike forever.

Affinity Lo Pro Frame Set 2021 "Snow White"

If you are ridiculous with a fix, the lace frame will be broken.
Lightness, aerodynamics are secondary. Both the frame and the wheels are durable and you can continue riding.
In that regard, Encore is like Aerospoke, and the tricks are rattled.
Speaking of sturdy baton wheels, this is a choice.
The price is reasonable.

At the spots everywhere in the city, make a trick that no one has done.
Then, someone who played the city started running off -road with a fix.
Rather than trying to do something, it is an image that runs to the warrior, rises the tension, and goes into the forest and forests around it.

Really stupid. But I understand that feeling. There is a thrill and a sense of openness that you can't taste.
If you start seeking only efficiency, the fixi will lose the aspect as a culture.
I think the appeal of the fixes is where you enjoy the waste.
I wonder if everyone can be more stupid.


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