Restock soon! Custom on Los Angeles.

DOSNOVENTA LA sold quickly at the same time as the release was started. Second rods will soon arrive! ! Today, we have prepared Santa Monica customs according to the restock.

DOSNOVENTA LOS ANGELES "Santa Monica" Frame Set ¥ 149,000 (+tax)

From town riding to race, you can go with this one. This frame, designed all -round, is a perfect one for a long time. Click here for detailed specifications ↓
handle:Nitto for Shred Bar φ31.8mm Stem:Paul USA Boxcar Stem saddle:Selle Italia Novus Flow S crank:Paul USA Crankset F Wheel:HED H3 R Wheel: H Plus Son SL42 × PHILWOOD TRACK HUB
This custom, which is unified with silver parts, has many USA manufacturers to match LA! Paul is good at CNC processing technology for stem cranks. H Plus Son and PHILWOOD for the rear wheel. This is Dosnoventa! H3 is set on the front. LA is a riser bar and it can be used for city riding. You can use a drop handle to ride. It is a parent -like frame that changes the riding taste according to your mood. If you replace it, LA is definitely recommended! Kichijoji store This frame of one last onePlease realize the high quality at the store.
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