Today's highlight.

Thank you for your participation in Glue Pride! While the cold days have continued in the past week, it was a pleasant ride because the temperature was high only today? The distance was about 10 km, so I think it was possible to run. About 10 people, including regular customers, gathered about 10 people, so I'm going to continue the day rides in the future! Next is a soba ride! I want everyone to eat that soba. Ride is interesting because you can see various bicycles. I think it is a place to imagine your future custom, talk about parts between customers, and enrich your bicycle life. Of course, we will lecture for skids, standing and other simple tricks, so please feel free to join us!
And after arriving at the store, "Adult Factory Tour". This time, I talked around the drive line. Everyone listened eagerly so I'll do it again ◎ Then! Thank you for today!
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