The 735TR carbon wheel specification test...

Single speed? No gear? Fixed gear? Aero frame? Carbon wheel? A lot of questions before buying a fixie bike. It's a seed that bother you, but this is a fun time. If you come to the store with some anxiety, your greed explodes at once! ! I often see such people. smile Thank you. But don't you want to ride before buying a little? Here is the one that fulfills such feelings.
Leader Bike 735TR Brotures SHRED88 Carbon Wheel Custom Test Ride A luxurious test ride that gives you a piste bike for the first time, but you can enjoy the carbon wheel ride. In fact, it is one that has a strong impact even with visuals alone, but the ride comfort is one that makes you feel the impact without regret. The weight is less than 8kg, and anyone can easily get the top speed around 40km. No matter how much we talk about on our blog or Instagram"Seeing is believing"Is in the BROTURES Harajuku store. Then, I will introduce the specifications in photos.
SHRED88 boasts lightness, which is the highest in the 800g and Brotures wheels
BROTURES original direct crank RIP CRANK without maintenance
In a riser bar that can be easily handled, and even a trick can be made with a little teaching ...
Of course, the gear was set with a fixed gear. The speed is not that far because it is a light gear ratio. I'm not afraid, so if you want to ride, challenge this opportunity! ! And, of course, selling with this specification, of course. If you can feel free to call at the store, the market is possible. If you are nearby, please use it. ◼︎Brotures Harajuku ◼︎ Click here for inventory status/order phone call Click here to call the store Click here for email
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