The second royal road custom 735TR.

Atomos x Leader Bike 735TR, which has been talked about in recent blogs. The custom I introduced was often set with baton wheels, so this time here! !
Atomos × Leader Bike 735TR SHRED88 Custom ¥ 309,000 (+tax) This is also a royal road custom, but it's still cool. In the coming season, it would be great if it would be the best to embark on such a cluttered motorcycle. Now we have a great campaign, so let's customize it wisely.

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as a side note,

This custom is alsoImmediate delivery is possible! !

Last oneThis motorcycle will never be available in the future. Decide as soon as possible. ↓ Currently, Kichijoji store holds other great campaigns, so don't miss this great opportunity ↓

"What can be done in March BROTURES Kichijoji"

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