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I think many people have started a fixie bike this year, but are you doing your favorite car maintenance? Those who have started the year -end and New Year holidays have been growing compared to the beginning, such as chains, brakes, and spokes. In addition, I hope that you can give advice, such as the height of the saddle, the position of the handle, the distance, etc., so I would be happy if you could bring it to the first maintenance! It's okay because it's a bicycle! ! You may think so, but it is a vehicle that carries your life. I don't think it's the same, but in fact every part is loaded, so the condition gets worse. It's too late if something happens, you can return to a good condition by maintaining it, and you can ride comfortably! Also, it will be your buddy for a long time! ! However, there are some people who don't know how to maintain, don't have time, and troublesome, right? Please leave such a person! We will maintain your car! ! Most of time20-30 minutesYou can do it if you get it! Even if it is the same vehicle, it often takes a few days if it is a car or motorcycle ... If your car is comfortable and you can ride for a long time in just 20-30 minutes, right?

Therefore, at the Brotures Kichijoji store, we will do the annual "factory tour" on Sunday this weekend.

Until the last time, we talked about tire replacement, crank replacement, BB mechanism, but this time I will show you a series of high demand handles. Handle custom is a low -priced genre in custom, but I think there are many things that you do not know unexpectedly. As the last time, we will proceed in the form format, so please ask a question! If you have any other things you want to know, such as maintenance methods, tires, etc., please feel free to ask! Then we are waiting for the maintenance! ! Customers who have ordered now will receive a BROTURES mini decal & "B sticker" from the Kichijoji store!
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