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Steel frame brands that have been supplied to bicycle racers for over 20 years as NJS -certified brands for bicycle racing"Bomber Pro" At the time of NJS registration 20 years ago, with the meaning of "a catalyst for a bicycle racing world","Bomber Pro"And named. Atsuto Tsuruoka's own bicycle race experience and skills in skilled builders, and the performance of the frame trained in numerous bicycle races provides the rider the best run.

Please see this article for "Tsuruoka Racing", which is closely related to BROTURES. [Yudai Fukui | BROTURES] Tsuruoka Racing to challenge the avant -garde thing while respecting tradition

And this time, the BROTURES Kichijoji store has prepared a custom bike using such a "Bomber Pro" frame.
Bomber Pro Kichijoji Custom Bike ¥ 285,000 ( + tax) Frame set/¥ 60,185 ( + tax) * Includes head parts Select Hed.jet6 before and after.
Hed.jet6 Wheel F/¥ 101,000 ( + tax) R/¥ 108,200 ( + Tax) The crank is a silver model of SRAM OMINIUM that has been discontinued.
[Outlet] SRAM OMNIUM/¥ 23,218 ( + Tax) Click here for the body specifications ----------------------- Frame set:Bomber Pro Handle: BROTURES Carbon Drop Stem:CINELLI BIANCA crank:SRAM OMNIUM Wheel: Hed.jet6 saddle:Selle Sanmarco Rolls Seat post:MICHE SUPERTYPE ----------------------- Recently so -called so -called"Iron entity"Many high customers have been receiving custom requests. Demand for fixes that are easy to use for commuting may be increasing due to a new life. At BROTURES Kichijoji, we have a large number of instant delivery cars and look forward to your visit. Please see the article here for the vehicle body that can be prepared !! https://brotures.com/blogs/store-blog/128735 Customers who have ordered now will receive a BROTURES mini decal & "B sticker" from the Kichijoji store!
Please be assured that distant customers will be bundled with the product!!
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