Limited one! Proper custom bike.

This week is a cold day, but it will be over 20 degrees on weekends. Saturday is a day ride, so I feel like I can run comfortably after a long absence ◎ Please check the blog below for details such as routes!

Kichijoji's hidden character Keimei will plan a ride.

In April, the Kichijoji store has been coming to buy a piste bike for commuting and commuting. Therefore, this time, we will introduce custom combining OUTRET & USED parts.
Leader Bikes Cure Polish Shred88 Custom ¥ 128,000 (+tax)

[OUTRET] Leaderbikes Cure ¥ 90,000 (+tax) [USED] Brotures Shred 88 ¥ 38,000 (+tax)

The outlet body this time is CURE. There was a small scratch because it was used for the exhibition, but the condition is outstanding! Moreover, it was a polish that was not a regular color! ! Is this a pretty good aim? By setting the front wheel to SHRED88, you can significantly reduce the rolling resistance. Even though it is USED, it is a comfortable motorcycle that progresses with a light force ◎ This price is quite hot with CURE, which is aggressive with a pashute (front down) shape and an outstanding driving and impact SHRED88! Isn't it great to go out on a new life and straddle this bike? This custom is limited to one unit, as usualWin quicklyIt will be. 。 I don't have time to worry! Please contact us first! Then. "Bike to Work" Have you checked it? Don't forget those who haven't yet !!
And the customers who have ordered now are presenting Brotures Mini Decal & "B Sticker" from Kichijoji store!
Please be assured that distant customers will be bundled with the product!!
OUTLET mail order site has been opened !!
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