This is NEO TOKYO! !

TOKYO, the only carbon model for DOSNOVENTA flagship. The 2019 model has improved the design and material, and has returned as a new “NEO TOKYO” !!
Multichrome®, which is reflected in seven colors due to the adjustment of light, is used for the first time in the industry. The handmade frame by the Italian skilled worker achieves optimal elasticity and compression performance at the same time. It has a riding comfort that sets it apart from the monocoque frame.
DOSNOVENTA NEO TOKYO FRAMESET ¥ 380,000 ( + Tax) "NEO TOKYO", which uses the finest carbon material made in Italy, is characterized by its unprecedented riding comfort with the optimal elasticity and compression performance for bicycles.
The whole frame is different from the previous work with a carbon pattern, but a calm gross and carbon pattern half and half finish! ! It is a frame that makes you imagine a decal hologram feeling and a good Tokyo neon street! !
Personally, I think it's such a frame that looks good at night! ! I want to run through the glittering night city! ! YOSHIE
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