I immediately set up a custom bike of the...

Finally revealed the veil from the announcement a month agoDosnoventa "NEO Tokyo" This time, the image is renewed from the profound matte black of the previous work, and it appeared in gloss finish.
Among them, the color of the logo is characteristic, and the dark tone hologram is adopted.
In fact, it seems that this logo color, a technology called "multi -chrome", which looks different when viewed on light. It is a unique one that has a distinctive design of ideas. Among them, this area where the rear brake can be attached. I personally like it.
Logo arrangement, design, powerful thickness, and this multi -chrome color. Since it is a form that is hard to see in other models, it is often talked about at stores as a characteristic of this frame. And here is the one that was finished at the BROTURES Harajuku store using the frame.
DOSNOVENTA NEO TOKYO Custom bike ¥ 480,000 ~ In particular, the wheels are attracting attention. Speaking of DOSNOVENTA, HED, is this image consisting of numerous movies?
DSNV RUNS JAPAN from Dosnoventa ON Vimeo. The GT-3, the highest peak of HED, is set up luxuriously.
HED GT-3 WHEEL ¥ 230,000- It features three spokes inspired by aircraft wings, reducing air resistance as much as possible. One of the selling lightness in the lineup is one of the selling, but the top speed maintaining this air resistance is abnormal. It is used in many domestic and overseas main races in Japan. Even driving on public roads can fully demonstrate the effect. Personally, NEO TOKYO, finished with this gross finish, the same finish that matches this is good. And a carbon wheel on the losing and the rear wheels. This is a bespoke wheel, one that was born by selecting three parts that make up a wheel called a rim/spoke/hub.
BROTURES F55 Carbon Rim x PHILWOOD/BROTURES TRACK HUB WHEEL ¥ 98,000 BROTURES mechanic team"I want to use from the bottom of my heart"One of the products that I thought. Since the urban area is the main piste bike, we first considered durability, actually riding a rider and tested it. It can be selected from 35mm and 55mm rim hats, both use international nipples. It seems that there is an advantage such as the nipple that stops the spokes in a look, and the more rigid wheels can be assembled. I finished the rim with a Philwood hub. For more information is herePHILWOOD productPlease refer to the. And the last thing I will introduce is a crank. A crank is a part like a so -called bicycle heart that connects rowing feet and rear wheels and supplies the power. This is a recommended crank that is a rigid, power transmission, and a crank that selects with this frame, which turns the power you step on to speed.
MICHE PISTARD 2.0 Crank Set ¥ 27,000- This item, which is also used in the finished car of DOSNOVENTA, uses a direct crank structure that gives power to the rear wheels without loss. This is going to be long, soPast blogPlease refer to the. Anyway, it is a part I want you to focus on in assembling a bicycle. In this way, this time, I tried to focus on drive -based parts. The taste is different for each person, but to bring out the potential that this frame has, it is still there. It is a summary.
It has become a little longer, but thank you for reading to the end. Really, this frame was really cool, I finished it with that feeling. But every time, the number of arrivals is really small! Lol Why! Less than I think! smile And this is because the skilled craftsmen are hand -made one by one. Really sold out will be a moment this time. Currently, this custom bike, a normal completed car, and a frame alone are on display, so if you are interested, please contact us first. We will also consult with us to replace the bicycle we are on now. It can be purchased by mail order,In installments can be paid by the frame alonebecame. For detailed contents of bike loans→ Last time blog ←Please confirm. ◼︎Brotures Harajuku ◼︎ Click here for inventory status/order phone call Click here to call the store Click here for email
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