Speaking of Spain, "Barcelona"! !

Hello! In today's blog, from "Dosnoventa" just released the other day I would like to introduce "Barcelona"! ! The carbon frame "Tokyo" released at the same time has also become a hot topic at the same time as it is released, "Barcelona" is the opposite 1 -inch chromoly frame and a classic style! ! This is also expected to be sold out early because it is available in small amounts! That's why it is an introduction of "Barcelona" that I assembled immediately!

DOSNOVENTA BARCELONA Frame Set ¥ 200,000 (+Tax)

All the frames of their commitment are Italian handmade. There is not much production because it is carefully created by craftsmen one by one! ! "Barcelona", which rarely arrives, is a very rare frame! ! A classic style with a 1 -inch chromoly frame. As it uses triple vattet tubing, it is a chromoly frame, lightweight and durable. I tried custom immediately so it is details! ! Handle Nitto for Shred ¥ 7,200 (+Tax) Stem Fair Wether CR79 Fillet ¥ 13,000 (+Tax)
Saddle BROOKS C13 ¥ 26,000 (+Tax)
Crank RMC crank set ¥ 14,800 (+tax)
F/Wheel F35 X PHILWOOD X SAPIM CX-RAY \ 87,450 (+Tax)
R/Wheel F35 X PHILWOOD SLR France X SAPIM CX-RAY \ 84,450 (+Tax)
I tried to assemble like this! ! Barcelona is a unique style from its classic style in the Dosnoventa lineup! ! Traditional rugged frame using "SPRIT", which is a high -quality chromoly tube manufactured by COLUMBUS! Despite the style reminiscent of NJS, the coloring uses ICE EFFECT®, a new paint technology, etc. The place that doesn't fit in a tribute seems to be Dosnoventa! !
Of course, Italian handmade! !
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