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DOSNOVENTA's 2019 model has just arrived, but we have received many orders and inquiries as soon as possible. This time, the frame at the opposite end of NEO TOKYO and Barcelona. NEO TOKYO, a flagship model with full carbon. Barcelona, ​​the first model of Dosnoventa, the only rug frame. Barcelona was also assembled following NEO TOKYO, which was assembled the other day!
DOSNOVENTA BARCELONA Frame Set ¥ 200,000 (+Tax) This Barcelona has their origin and is a frame that sets them apart from any other model. Despite the traditional traditional style reminiscent of bicycle racing, the coloring uses ICE EFFECT®, a new paint technology. It seems that Dosnoventa is not just a tribute. Of course, it is a handmade made of Italian, so the quality is definitely.
Barcelona has been very small and has not been undergoing minor changes like other models. So this time I remember that it was a long -awaited arrival, and after hearing rumors that there was a change in coloring, I was very long -awaited. While leaving a classical taste of rug frame, I combined the carbon wheel to make it a hybrid one.
Of course, this Barcelona can also be paid by splitting a bike loan. If you split the frame set 12 times, you can purchase from ¥ 18,400- every month.
We also accept consultation on complete cars and quotes, so please feel free to contact us! TOSHI
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