Arley cat report!

Yesterday, in the light rain, we had a lot of participation in the last arley cat of Heisei. This time, the real active messenger finally participates! It is a race in the reputation (?) If you can win even if it is not fast by eating meat or chincho, but how to go! ?
I'm doing playful things every time, but everyone listens to the rules with a bit of food. This time, how to solve the problem quickly by searching for treasure, and reach the destination. I can't win if I make it rattled with my muscles to my brain. I thought what it was.
When I open the lid, two messenger finishes one or two. It was incredibly fast. 。 Excuse me. 。 。
The last Heisei was prepared with more gorgeous prizes than before. smile It was such a great success this time! The best people who won and not seemed to have enjoyed it. This time, I uploaded the photo taken as usual to the Facebook album, so please download what you like. TOSHI
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