Today is DOSNOVENTA NEO TOKYO Custom introduction! ! The stocks in the store are married to that, and one M size last! ! Basically, I will make a custom sample while there is stock because it is made to order! !
DOSNOVENTA NEO TOKYO FRAMESET ¥ 380,000 (+tax) "NEO TOKYO", which uses the finest carbon material made in Italy, is It has an unprecedented riding comfort with the optimal elasticity and compression performance for bicycles. Multi GPU technology "Multichrome®" is used for the frame logo, The point that the color changes depending on the hit of the light is a point that cannot be overlooked.
SRAM OMNIUM CRANKSET ¥ 31,400 (+tax) A year ago, if you say a direct crank of the fixie, you can choose OMIUM. It is a direct crank, which is no longer rare among the fixes bikes, but this OMNIUM !! Its popularity is still alive. After all it is in good shape! ! If you get lost in choosing a crank, SRAM OMNIUM! !
STAN'S Grail Mk3 × BROPHIL CLASSIC HUB Custom Rear Wheelspecial Price ¥ 55,200 (+tax) The number of spokes is 24, which is smaller than usual, and it is balanced to achieve lightness! ! I choose HUB with PHILWOOD and BROTURES double name Hub! ! It is a ◎ one with both looks rotation! ! The total weight of the car body 6.5kg !! It's a very lightweight and balanced finish! ! In less than a week since its release, most sizes were sold out. After negotiations with DOSNOVENTA, we were able to recruit second pre -orders as soon as possible. If you are worried about the deadline until 5/6, 2019, please be as soon as possible! ! YOSHIE
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