Bike Lones Kaemas

The moment I left the store, I was almost hit by a mamachari.
The sidewalk high -speed mama chari, no good.

Thank you, Miya.

By the way, today, about the bike loan that can be used at Broturs.

It's a word that tends to have a negative impression even though it's not bad.

When buying expensive things such as a house or a car, I usually make a loan
For some reason, it seems that many people are reluctant to make a loan when buying a bicycle even at the same expensive price.

The timing of buying a bicycle is really individual,
Some of them are "needed for work" or "I have been stolen", etc.
"I can't afford it right now, but I really want it right away!"
In some cases, you need urgent.

Introducing today to such people

"Purchase with a bicro loan"

However, I hope that it will help you buy a bicycle a little.

Interest rates are overwhelmingly cheaper than paying cards,
Anyway, a bike loan with many advantages, as you can choose the number of payments in detail.

The following is a summary of the details of the loan handled by Brotures.

First of all, the installment payments handled by Broturs
The loan is actually a lower threshold than you think.

If you have an ID card, you will be able to finish the screening easily and speedly by the procedure (such as input of the net).

① Payment paper is not required, automatic withdrawal so easy to pay!

Installation payment is an automatic account debit type.
There is no problem if you put money in your account, so
You can save the trouble of paying yourself every month and prevent forgetting to pay!

② Payment from the end of the month after purchasing, it is okay to have no money at the time of the examination!

Basically, the first payment date of the motorcycle loan is from the 26th of the month following the application.
For example, if you purchase it on 1/1, the payment start date will be 2/26.
It takes more than a month to spend more time, so you can use your time effectively, such as saving as much as you want during this time!

③ The screening itself ends in around 10 minutes! You can judge without knowing whether to pass!

Whether you come to the store or by phone or email
The screening itself can be understood in about 10 minutes.
If you are worried about whether or not you will pass, please feel free to contact us first!

④ Can be used by minors!?

Actually, it can be used by minors!
It is subject to students and those who are 19 years old or older.
I'm not 20 years old so let's give up ...
Please feel free to contact us first.

⑤ You can judge even if you do not come to the store! Shipping to the house is also OK!

I think there are many people who think that it can only be done at the store for the examination.
This is not actually the case,
Customernameandtelephone numberIf you can, you can use it anywhere in the country!

You can easily complete the procedure from your smartphone or PC.
If you go to the screening, you can decide the delivery date and wait until you arrive.
You can get a bicycle while staying at home.

Here, please take a look at the loan simulation.

The car body was introduced on the other day's blog

Leader 721TR Custom Bike ¥ 471,200 (TAX IN)

It's a high -priced body with a dream
If you buy a motorcycle loan, the simulation looks like this.

First, if you pay 12 times.
Since it is a calculation that is paid in a year, the monthly amount is a little higher,
The fee is only 11,000 yen!

By the way, if you cut the division with the same content using a general credit card
The commission is about 40,000.
Bike loans can save 30,000 yen!


Here is a simulation for paying 24 times and 2 years.

The commission is 22,382 yen, twice as much as 12 times.
And monthly payments were reduced to about half, 20,500 yen.

I guess it's a fairly realistic amount when this is about it! ! !

By the way, if you cut it with a general card, you will get a fee of about 80,000 yen.
So, in the case of 24 times, a bike loan60,000 yenIt was also a great deal.
It's really afraid to think that the fee will disappear, so if you think that it will disappear as much as 60,000 will disappear.

By the way, Brotures loans can be selected up to 60 times.
Also, change the number of divisions from the middle according to the pace,
You can return a lot in a lot of room.

If you are worried, the staff will answer your kindness, so please feel free to ask.

Fortunately, everyone's New Bike Day! ! !


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