I feel nostalgic and novel

Leader's new Angelino。 The RAW color is sold out, but I personally like jewel black because it is easy to customize.

A while ago, I tried to customize it simply with silver, but this time I finished it with a gold colored custom.
If you stick to all black as much as possible, the colored gold will stand out.

Leader®︎ Angelino PTG "Novel Nostalgia"

Sticked gold as a whole so that you don't overdo it.
The parts configuration is as simple as possible, but I put a baton wheel on the front and leave the street.
By the way, this Encore Wheels is also restocked.
It is one of the recommended one for those who want to customize baton wheels.

Encore Wheels
Chris King NTS
Selle San Marco Rolls
Blue Lug RMC Crank

I know this custom.
Oh, that's it. It's a collaboration between FUJI and OBEY.
It's a bike more than 10 years ago, but the simple design is not abolished.
Of course, it is not just a baked, but an update has been added as the times have advanced.

I feel nostalgic for those who have been riding a fixie for a long time, and it is a novel one for those who are going to get on the fix.
Angelino has just arrived, but is quite thin.
Probably there is no longer this year.
Would you like to start a fix with such a motorcycle this summer?

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