Recommended USED & OUTLET 5 selection!

Clear Christmas
New Year attacking

18 days left to leave business within the year.
At this time, you feel something strange and rushed, right?
Hello. This is Miya.

By the way, I think many people know
WeBROTURES Kichijoji storeteeth

Only in Japan
"Buying and selling outlets specializing in fixes and used goods"
We are doing!

Of course, we handle many new products, so that area is the same as other stores.
The sale of outlet and second -hand goods, which is not stable in a good way, really meets and parting!
I'm sure if you can come to the store
It is far from the image of "used = dirty / dangerous"
You should be able to meet a firmly tuned body.

You who live in a long distance, and you are there that it is difficult to come to the store in recent years.
Please be assured.
BROTURES Kichijoji store operates an online site specializing in used and outlet!

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That's why today
Among the items published in this BASE
Especially recommended USED & OUTLET!
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[USED] Leader® 725TR SeafoAmgreen (L) ¥ 109,090 (+tax)

725 of sea form green with low production and many inquiries!
There is no doubt that you will wear a more unique essence and look at the city's gaze.
The crank and BB are customized, especially Ceramic BB boasts the best rotating performance you want to try once.
There are fine chips, but they are active.

[USED] CINELLI GAZZETTA BLACK (M) Custom Bike ¥ 154,545 (+Tax)

Slim and simple. GAZZETTA is popular for looks that is not bound by trends
This is the discontinued color "Bell Black"
The so -called "so -called" "no noticeable scratches or feeling of useThe finest USEDIt is a frame.
A special specification that luxuriously assembled it with a new high -spec component.
The appearance with items like Italian mafia is cool. 。 。

[Outlet] TIPO PISTA (XS) ¥ 90,000 (+Tax)

It is also quite high level for an entry model from a chineri to an entry model
TIPO PISTA. This is a new old product, Outlet price!
The top tube throwing enables outstanding riding comfort.
In addition, the finished car is 7.8 grams, and its light weight is also a great advantage.
It is a good -growing frame.

[USED] Physique Cyrano R1 Carbon seat post ¥ 12,000 (+tax)

A highly designed physical carbon seat post.
The rail clamp has a convenient front adjuster wheel that can be adjusted with one finger.
There is a fine scratch, but the performance is rather cool without any problems.

[USED] DEDA SUPERLEGGERO Carbon seat post ¥ 11,818 (+Tax)

Overwhelming light, 190g.
There are also detailed threads here
The rail clamps are rarely seen, and you can still use them.

What do you think!
All are impact prices unique to USED / Outlet,
If you access the BASE site, even from the above price

10%OFF !!

It is! !
( * Please note that it may return to the fixed price without notice.)

It looks like a year -end bargain as early as possible
You can get it at this price only at the Brotures Kichijoji store.

Don't miss this opportunity!

Well then today
~ Miya's eyes ~
Former apparel staff Miya
The axis is based on "I feel now x fixie bikes"
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The North Face Denali Jacket

I really want used clothes.

Then again!

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