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Let's do something different in 2021. This project came up with the arrow that I thought so. Customers in the suburbs in Tokyo look at other customers' fixes when they come to the store "Hoho", "This is cool" "There was such a combination" You can chat, but if you are far away, you may be able to meet other Leader®︎ or Donoventa, etc. may be still rare. So a cool piste bike born in more than 10 years From now on using this blog or InstagramThe body of the customerI would like to introduce you. You may find a finish that is not found in custom bikes created by the store and a surprising combination!? At the end, the owner's questionnaire is also listed, so please check it out! The first memorable first is this one that was born after repeated 4-5 replacements.
DOSNOVENTA DETROIT NEON YELLOW CUSTOM BIKE Previous frames are LO Pro from Affinity Cycles
It is like this. This is fine. Hybrid bike of chromoly frame and carbon wheel. It's rare because it's hard to get the HED baton.
The neon yellow finished with order paint also feels good.
The paint that was finished by the bicycle racing frame builder may be better than the head family!? By summarizing the logo and parts with all black, the neon color is more prominent. Then, in addition to replacing the frame paint, customize the crank to Rotor.
At the time of paint, you will inevitably get all the roses/all sets, so when upgrading partsThere is no extra wage. From chromoly frame to aluminum frame. The ride comfort changed extremely and seemed to be comfortable. Basically, aluminum does not rust, so it is good to hold, so it is easy to get speed, it is easy to move long distances, and it is the most recommended as a frame material. I want you to enjoy training and regular commuting with this fixie bike! Thank you! 【name】 ITSUKI [Instagram] fastoryLabo_itsukiy ← Click to fly to Instagram [Favorite bicycle brand] DOSNOVENTA/LEADER®︎ [Where you like custom] I fell in love with the geometry for the fabric, and I chose it. I also liked Neon Yellow, which I tried because I wanted a flashy one, with the color as I imagined. Because it is a fixie bike that is riding every day for 365 days, the parts that are light and faster. Especially wheels. [What kind of scene do you use the piste] I ride around 40km every day 6-7 days a week for commuting. [Items I want to customize next] Since the brakes are still normal when I first bought them, I am worried about brakes with high braking power such as SRAM. The lever is also a noticeable part, so I want to change it to a cool Paul. Call BROTURES Harajuku by phone BROTURES Contact Harajuku by email
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