Another new color "Mutant"

Hello, this is Toriyama. Today is another new color "Mutant Blue" of AFFINITY LOPRO, which has recently entered. A flashy frame color that looks like AFFINITY, which is different from the snow White introduced the other day. This is the United States and it is my favorite color scheme. A flashy frame, it wouldn't be interesting to just assemble it normally. That's why I finished it like this. More underground. I put gun meta and purple as the color. For those who like this kind of thing, they are extremely hooked. Let's take a look at the crank first. This is a crank set released by Affinity originally. There are two colors, silver and gun meta. It's natural to look good because it's original. Please get your favorite gear ratio because the number of teeth in the chain ring is quite large. The headset is also a gunmetal according to the crank's gunmeta. PHILWOOD headset is recommended because there is no wasted claim and any frame is addicted. Of course, the accuracy is a safe part, so if you want to play colors, this is the two choices of clickin. I think it's better to choose with your favorite color. The wheels are the H-Plus Son SL-42 and PHILWOOD's high-flange hub. The components of PHILWOOD are all really beautiful. The wheels of this combination are also used by trick rider Ayumu. This hub, which emphasizes high durability without lighter weight, has overwhelming reliability. One set is one of the parts that has no loss. The handle and the stem are off -aggressive style with DEDA. Crononaro's Low Rider is only an aggressive posture on a 20 ° angle DEDAPISTA. I want the sharp frame to be sharp. It doesn't matter if it's hard. It's like romance. How was it. Mutant Blue is a bit of a unique custom because it was customized with SNOW WHITE. After all, it's cool and cool. If you are worried about the color, please consult me ​​for the time being. I'll think more than you. Frame: Affinity Cycles Lopro Frame Set ¥ 89,000+Tax Headset: PHILWOOD 1inch Head Set ¥ 22,800+Tax Handle: DEDA CRONONERO LOW RIDER ¥ 6,000+Tax Stem: DEDA PISTA STEM ¥ 9,400+Tax Rim: H Plus Son SL-42 ¥ 11,000+Tax Hub: PHILWOOD TRACK HUB ¥ 30,800+Tax Crank: AFFINITY CYCLES ORIGINAL CRANNK SET ¥ 27,800+Tax Ren BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313
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