By all means, I thought I was deceived.

The other day's blog Miyashita family zoni recipeHave you seen it?
It looks delicious with lots of ingredients, and it is fresh to contain two kinds of meat! !
I also want to introduce the recipe of the Kikuchi family.

1. Open the entrance door with the greeting of "I'm now".
2. Open the pot.
3. Zoni is made.

I can't cook during the year -end and New Year holidays, I can't usually do it.

(thanks Mom…)

The radish I got the other day is still left. You can buy grated money, but you can not move to action.It's Kick.

This time, we will introduce the SG75 crank of the pisto rider purveyor! !


SG75Is Japan's world -class parts manufacturer"SUGINO"The crank that "Sugino Engineering Co., Ltd." is proud of in the world.
The trained rigidity and high -precision SG75 have achieved numerous achievements in Japanese tracks, including Japanese bicycle racing.
It is a crank that is not an exaggeration to say that it is the highest peak in the square taper crank.

The SG75 is more heavy than a popular crank, which is currently popular, but turns around with a strong centrifugal force.
Not only that, but high rigidity is one of the reasons for its popularity. The characteristic is that the rigidity is high when the power is stepped on.
It is meaningless if the trained bicycle racing players do not have the rigidity of the crank and the stepped power is lost.
That's why SG75 is the choice.

There are two types of SG75 colors.
NJS certifiedSilverAnd alumite processedblack
A classic silver and a dark and cool black black, sharp and simple appearance will surely match the thick chromoly frame as well as a thick frame like 735TR!

Only Silver is certified by NJS, which is a proof that can be used in bicycle racing,
Just because NJS is not certified does not mean that black quality is inferior to silver.
It cannot be used in bicycle races,Because it is blacked by the same accuracy and the same rigidity,
For town riding and street pisto rider, there is only a good thing to choose two colors.

High quality cranks require a dedicated BB and can be selected from four BB.

A cartridge type BB that uses a high -precision shield bearing dedicated to SG75.
It is a BB that you can easily try SG75 cranks because of the fact that you can continue riding in maintenance and price.
If you are riding in the city riding without so much riding, or if you do not want to take so much time of maintenance, I would like you to try it for the time being.
It is an affordable BB that can demonstrate the true value of SG75 from the moment you install it!

From here, it is a cup andcorn type BB.
The cartridge type BB is just installed, and if the BB is destroyed, it will basically be fully replaced, but if it is a cup and cone type, it may be replaced for each part. It is a method that allows you to maintain great rotation by performing regular maintenance.

If you feel that the rotation is getting worse, you can open the BB and maintain it, so that you can restore rotation without replacing parts.
I think most of the staff who can play with bicycles at any time, including me, use a cup and corn type. It is especially recommended for those who are beans and those who want to keep riding a bicycle in good condition!

It is a recommended BB for those who use a cartridge type and seek more rotational properties or want to realize the joy of recovery of driving by maintenance.

In addition, there is a BB with a mirror finish on all balls, shafts and cups for those who are looking for further driving with a cup and corn type.
It may be difficult to understand if it is a photo, but this is a smooth SL (super wrap) specification, and it is smooth, and the rotation is smooth.

Furthermore, the highest rotation of the SG75 BB is the highest rotation.

Ceramic balls are used and special wrapping processing in the ball lace boasts amazing rotation performance.
It is outstanding durability because it can prevent heat wear due to ultra -rotation by taking advantage of the nature of the ceramic heat.
This can experience the rotation that can only be understood by those who use it.

I have used it, but the rotation of the ceramic version is abnormal.
In my personal opinion, there are currently various types of cranks and BBs, but I think they will be the best.
If you want to experience the phrase that is fun to return after custom, please customize it to ceramic BB.

Honestly, two super wrap and ceramics in the second half are amazing, but if you attach them from the beginning, it may be difficult to understand the performance that is born by customization. So, at first, I think it's interesting to use CBB-SG75 and BB-SG75 to gradually change from there.
(Of course, it is possible to make ceramic from the beginning with the highest rotation from the beginning.)

I can't see the BB from the outside, and I don't know if I don't get on it, but I think it's interesting to enjoy the piste custom to improve the performance according to the specifications I want.

This time, Japan's proud crank"SG75"I introduced about.
The SG75 of the specifications used in various track competitions such as bicycle racing,
If you get lost in the crank, if you get lost in town riding or street ride, you can definitely attach SG75!
Confirm that can withstand any ride style and a dedicated BB rotation will bring a new revolution to your daily piste.
It is a part that can be used not only in the crank but also in BB for many years, so we recommend that you have one set!
Please try SG75 because you thought you were deceived.

see you.

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