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It's been getting colder lately, and it's becoming difficult to wear short sleeves at night, and I can feel that autumn is disappearing!
I haven't brought my hoodie from home yet...

Hi, I'm still fighting with just Ron T after frying pan. It's Kick .

Putting my private story aside, this time I will be building a super racey bike for those who watched the race at last month's CMWC and their instincts were like, ``I want to ride at speed like that!'' I saw it!

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The frame is DOSNOVENTA DETROIT Frame Set “Desert Yellow ¥174,900-(IN TAX)” ! !

Since DETROIT is the only pursuit frame among DOSNOVENTA, it not only has an aggressive appearance, but also allows for a more aggressive running compared to the aluminum frame LA from DSNV, as it is easier to lean forward. It's a frame.

This time, we have chosen "Desert Yellow", the spot color for 2023, and have prepared a custom bike that takes advantage of DETROIT's strengths!

The wheels are [USED] HED. JET9 front and rear set ¥253,000- (IN TAX) set front and rear! !

The recently released HED.

As the name suggests, JET9 is a carbon wheel featuring a 90mm deep rim.
However, contrary to its appearance, it is very light!

Not only does it look great, but it is also the best wheel in the industry, combining the high rotational performance of the original truck hub with the aerodynamics of the extra-thick rim.
This is USED and is now in stock at BROTURES Kichijoji, but it is also available on the online store, so if you are interested, please check it out! !

CONTINENTAL GP5000 with the same tires front and rear ¥11,000-(IN TAX) ! !

GP5000, CONTINENTAL's flagship model,
The highest performance tire in the lineup, which brings together the best of the company's technology.

Speaking of CONTINENTAL, "GATORSKIN" is popular because of its strong casing, but in terms of driving performance such as light weight and grip on the road surface, this GP5000 is the strongest, and there is nothing that can beat it.

The crank is ROTOR VEGAST TRACK CRANK SET ¥75,900-(IN TAX) ! !

VEGAST is a crank made of 6000 series aluminum that is of the highest quality in both strength and durability.

It's great that the chainring, arm, and BB are all included in the set, and it's KICK's most recommended crankset, and it's sure to dramatically improve the performance of your car just by installing this!

The handlebar area and seat post are unified by THOMSON.
Everyone loves MADE IN USA ! !

We have over 30 years of experience as an aircraft parts manufacturer, and use sophisticated aluminum machining technology to produce bicycle parts with a high level of strength and precision.

The stem is [USED] X2 STEM ¥9,900-(IN TAX)
This item is currently discontinued, but it recently arrived in USED condition.

You can only get rare parts like this at the Kichijoji store, which handles USED items!

By choosing a slightly longer length of 90mm, the setting allows you to maintain a forward leaning posture and easily increase speed.

Just changing the length of the stem can significantly change your riding posture.
If you are worried about your position, such as ``I want to raise your upper body!'' or ``I want to lean forward!'', please consider customizing this stem first.


By using 7000 series aluminum, the drop handle is strong, light, and has excellent impact resistance.

It's practical and nice that it's made wide enough to ensure grip width even when a brake lever is attached!

The saddle is fizik ARIONE STD Saddle ¥18,500-(IN TAX)

Compared to other saddles, the seat is longer in the front and back, making it easier to change positions, making it less tiring even when riding for long periods of time.

Rails made of a unique alloy called k:ium have not only high shock absorption properties but also corrosion resistance, making them extremely attractive for long-term use.

This time, we introduced a speed-type custom bike that takes advantage of DETROIT's pursuit shape! !

By incorporating USED parts unique to the Kichijoji store, such as the coveted JET9 and X2 STEM, we have created a custom bike that not only has high specs, but also has a nostalgic feel to it! !

USED ​​items are basically one-of-a-kind items, so finding one is a matter of timing !
For those of you who are thinking about purchasing! Don't miss this opportunity.

Well then.

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