I'm with you ~BIG RIPPER 29~

Some of you may be looking at the thumbnail photo and thinking, "What is this!?" ?
With Inokashira Park full of nature in the background, this car's woody body shines like a diamond in the center without being buried.
It would be really fun to ride a bike like this.

Hi, I'm Kick .

With a fresh start, this is the second installment of our blog introducing select bikes from the newly started " SE BIKES "! !

The bike we will be introducing this time is here ↓


PK RIPPER is said to be the most famous bike of the BMX boom of the early 80's.
The bike that wears the largest 29-inch tires in the PK RIPPER style frame is the BIG RIPPER! !
BIG RIPPER is called the KING in the group ride “RIDE OUT” by SE BIKES riders. The 29-inch x 2.4-inch extra-thick tires not only provide stability and cushioning properties, but also roll very well, making this a popular model that can be ridden both off-road and on-road.
This time, I chose the wood grain pattern " WOOD GRAIN " as the color.

RIDE OUT ” was introduced in detail in the previous blog .
I would love to see a group ride with a unique atmosphere! !

Like the previous PK RIPPER, each part has the "SE BIKES" logo design.
And the characteristic wood grain pattern is not only on the frame but also on the handle! !
The attention to detail in the design is probably the reason why it has been loved by people of all ages for many years.

Everything from the rims to the crank! ? The coloring of the details creates a sense of unity, creating a bike that combines the calm atmosphere of the wood grain pattern with a unique design.

In fact, the PK RIPPER 27.5 that I introduced last time is currently being sold at the Kichijoji store.
I hope this woody BIG RIPPER 29 gets a buzz too! !
We look forward to seeing you at Yoshi George!

Well then. Beyond infinity.

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