The most powerful 735TR on the street

Recently, the anime "PULTO" has been secretly popular at the Kichijoji store.
This is an anime work that is a remake of the manga ``The Strongest Robot on Earth'' by Osamu Tezuka.
I'm only on episode 2, but the two of you seem to be quite far along and are insisting that you watch it soon.
On top of that, it also comes with spoilers, so it's hard to resist.

MAZDA's favorite "North No. 2" will appear, which you should see even if it's just the first episode. Hi, I'm Kick .

This time we will introduce the 735TR! !

735TR is LEADER®'s flagship model.

The 735TR ultra-thick down tube and beautiful finish make this an iconic street piston with an overwhelming impact.
The original geometry has been redesigned for the purpose of running on the street, providing quick response and stable driving.
A piste for the street that provides stop-and-go comfort.
What's more, this color is a limited color that celebrates the 25th anniversary of LEADER®'s founding! !

For the 725TR and 735TR, `` AMERICAN VINTAGE COLOR '', which is limited to one rod, is based on the motif of the 1950s, when many American cultures were born during the post-war reconstruction period, when various changes occurred in pursuit of affluence.

The limited color of 735TR is " 50s Venis Beach "! !
It is a matte yellow color that is reminiscent of 1950s American cars and Venice Beach, which is characterized by its beautiful sandy beaches.
Even though it is the same model, the cool impression of the usual black and white colors has completely changed, and the colors have become more playful!

Speaking of 735TR, it has an extremely thick down tube.
By customizing the tubes using high quality and hard 7000 series aluminum,
It is now possible to make the tube thinner, making it lighter yet thicker than any other model.

Also, take a look at the welds on the tubes!
I don't know where the tube connection is.
Here's the secret. This is because it has a smooth welding process!
Welding marks are polished by hand and putty is applied, making it both lightweight and strong.

The seat tube has a ``teardrop'' shape, with the front section being thicker and the PR section being thinner.
The frame is made with air resistance in mind down to the smallest detail and is just like the king of the street.
Because it is a flagship model, it is not only functional but also has a beautiful appearance.

The 735TR is equipped with a VISION direct crank.
The acceleration power is completely different from that of a square taper crank without any loss of pedal force!
Direct crank is perfect for driving around town with lots of traffic lights! !

Moreover, it is made by VISION.
The aero type crank is excellently compatible with the aero tube 735TR, and the shaft diameter is 30mm, which is thicker than any direct crank, making it more rigid and slightly lighter in weight.
Isn't it a great deal that the crank used in the race comes as standard equipment? ?

When driving in Japan, brake problems inevitably come up as a topic of conversation.
I think there are many people who are concerned about the black tie wrap on the colored frame.
The solution to this problem is the "internal brake specification."
By passing the brake wire inside the top tube, it is now possible to install the front and rear brakes without compromising the limited color or the beauty of the frame! !

The fork and seatpost are made of carbon, which is not only light but also has excellent vibration absorption, so it supports you on long distance rides and hard rides with high cadence.

The front wheels are T3 and the rear wheels are SHRED88 King of Street Custom.

T3 is BROTURES' original full carbon wheel.
The Baton wheel is the ultimate aero shape, used by many athletes in the track bike scene around the world.
T3 is intended for BROTURES to be used on the street, and is durable enough to run on rough painted roads.

SHRED88 is BROTURES' original carbon deep rim wheel.
The extremely thick rim height of 88mm greatly reduces air resistance, and the carbon material also makes it lightweight.

It's good to have the front and rear wheels the same, but it's also good to make some changes between the front and rear wheels.
If you are worried about wheel customization, please try King of Street Custom.
I think it will make a huge difference not only in appearance but also in driving performance.

How was it?
Did you understand the wonders of LEADER® and 735TR?
This perfectly designed 735TR with carbon wheels on the front and rear is worthy of being called the ``strongest on the street''!

Well then.

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