Push when you can.

There was a candy curl, right?
``I haven't seen it recently, I wonder if it was flying in the sky with balloons'' and I was looking into it.
It seems that in 2017 it was sold only in western Japan.
Well, I feel nostalgic. I should have eaten more.

I also felt nostalgic when I saw a certain blog about the Osaka store. Hi, I'm Kick .

Click here for the custom bike we will be introducing ↓

The frame is ALL-CITY BIG BLOCK Frame Set ¥104,500-(IN TAX)

ALL-CITY is an urban cycle brand from Minneapolis, Wisconsin, USA.
ALL-CITY's head badge features a design of the Hennepin Bridge, a symbol of Minneapolis.

The memorable first model of ALL-CITY is “ BIG BLOCK
It has a distinctive low-throwing frame shape, and is perfect as a custom bike with an emphasis on speed.
It can also be used as a single-speed bike for city riding, with an emphasis on the comfort of the driving position through gentle slobbing.

It uses an original blend of Chromoly 612 double-barred tubes, giving you the vibration absorption and flexibility unique to Chromoly. The tire clearance can fit up to 32C, so it's nice to be able to ride off-road with thick tires and have fun in a variety of ways.
It also has dowel holes, so it's expandable so you can attach AirTags and bottle holders, which is unique to Urban Cycle.

This time, we've built a custom commuter-style bike to use as a single-speed bike for city riding, focusing on practicality, ease of riding, and appearance! !

Front and rear wheels are VELOCITY DEEP-V RIM Silver × Philwood High Flange Track Hub Silver

The rim is VELOCITY DEEP-V RIM Silver

Velocity is a rim brand born in Australia and made in the USA.
Personally, I'm happy that both "MADE IN USA" and "BORN IN AUSTRALIA" are listed.
It's not a particularly distinctive rim, but it's a jack-of-all-trades with an exquisite rim height of 30mm, rigidity, aerodynamics, and durability. Therefore, it is a masterpiece rim that can be said to be the most popular as a piste rim.

Hubs are Philwood High Flange Track Hub Silver

The Philwood hub is already familiar to you.
A popular hub with excellent rotation performance and durability.
The concept this time is a single-speed bike for daily use around town, so I want it to be maintenance-free and as easy to ride as possible.
PHILWOOD hubs can be used without maintenance for about 5 years.
Please try buying it as an initial investment!

I matched the handle and stem with NITTO.

The handle is NITTO HIHI-bar Silver
The stem is NITTO nj-89 stem Silver

NITTO produces many high-quality bicycle parts that are MADE IN JAPAN.
The handlebar has a rise of approximately 92 mm and a back sweep of 17 degrees, which raises your upper body and broadens your field of vision, making it quite easy to ride.
It also comes with a crossbar, so you don't have to worry about its strength.
If you're talking about a handle that's easy to ride for everyday use, this is the way to go.

The stem is an NJS approved stem for women's bicycle racing.
Made of high-quality aluminum, it has a simple and beautiful form.
As this is NJS's first oversize-ahead standard stem, we are happy to say that it can be used on many current bicycles, including LEADER. Please think about whether it fits your favorite car!

The handlebar was a little too high, so I balanced it with a stem with a strong 17° angle.

A rack is attached to make it more practical for everyday use.
You can use it as is, or if you have a lot of luggage, you can also add a basket.
If you wear outerwear in winter, it will feel stiff, so you don't want to carry a bag on your back.
I really like the atmosphere of carrying luggage on racks.

The pedal is MKS SYLVAN GORDITO SILVER ¥6,006-

MKS (Mikashima Pedal) is a high-quality pedal manufacturer that is particular about MADE IN JAPAN.
SYLVAN GORDITO has a wide design with a width of 94 mm and a height of 85 mm, allowing you to rest your feet firmly, making it a pedal that is recommended not only for comfortable riding but also for people with large feet.

This time, I tried building ALL-CITY/BIG BLOCK as a commuter custom for city riding.
Because it is a simple car body, even if you combine it with silver parts, it looks luxurious and has a good atmosphere.
Once again, I thought it was a frame that was worth customizing.

However, it has been officially announced that the ALL-CITY brand will be discontinued in a few years .
The breakup was sudden... right? Get it while it's in stock!
I say push when you can push .

Well then.

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