This is the recommended car body for city...

Hello everyone.
This is GORI from BROTURES Harajuku!

Isn't today a warm day in contrast to yesterday's cold weather, a perfect day for piste? ?
Even though it's December, it's nice to have warm days like today.
Since the weather is nice, I was thinking about going to see the ginkgo trees at the shrine during my lunch break!

I had an idea, but since it was a lucky day, I decided to go out with DOSNOVENTA's LOS ANGELES from the Harajuku store to Ginkgo Namiki! Lol (during my lunch break of course!!)

DOSNOVENTA LOS ANGELES, which uses a lightweight aluminum frame material made by COLUMBUS, is one that we definitely recommend as a piste for city riding!

The aluminum frame It's a strong frame that doesn't rust easily even if it gets wet with rain , and has high rigidity that won't budge even under strong impacts!

What's more, since it has a horizontal frame, it can be used not only for daily commuting, but also when traveling to cafes and beauty salons on holidays, without getting tired.
I personally commuted about 20km one way on LOS ANGELES, and the first thing I noticed was that I felt far less fatigued than on my previous LEADER CURE.
A frame called a horizontal frame has a longer top tube than other frames, so it has a wider range of shock absorption, making it a frame that reduces the feeling of fatigue when riding.

LOS ANGELES, which is durable, easy to ride, and has overwhelming acceleration due to its light weight, is the perfect frame for city riding among the many DOSNOVENTA frames, so it is perfect for those who are looking for a fixie bike as a companion for commuting. It's a must-see vehicle!

The frame provides a very comfortable ride, but finding your own comfort through customization is something you should never forget when enjoying a fixie bike.

The handlebar is set up with a riser bar, which is popular for city riding.
THOMSON's aluminum riser bars, which are famous for their high-quality manufacturing, are famous for being light and durable!
Nowadays, long risers are popular, and I personally think that the best long riser bar is THOMSON.
With such a long handle, even people with wide shoulders can ride in a natural position without feeling cramped, making it easy to ride!

The wheels are set with an unbalanced style of BROTURES original carbon wheels SHRED60 and SHRED88.
Personally, I like setting the wheels in a staggered manner.
For the front, we chose a 60mm wheel with a deliberately low rim height, creating a style that emphasizes handling.
Even in the windy winter season, the lower rim height means less wind blowing, making it easier to ride!

LOS ANGELES' RED goes well with the ginkgo trees at Jingu Shrine, where you can experience autumn a little later, so on a warm and sunny day like this, why not go out on the town with LOS ANGELES, the best on the town?

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