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The winter cold is in full swing, and before you know it, it's already December.
It's hard to get out of bed every morning.
It's called December, so running and exercising might be a good idea! It can also be used as a diet!

Get through the winter with a diet! ! … Hello, this is Ashigaru-tei Kick.

Here are 3 recommended used bikes from the online store! I would like to introduce it as.

The first one is here↓


A rare NJS frame from "LEVEL" produced by Matsuda Bicycle, which has a workshop in Arakawa Ward, is now in stock.

NJS is an abbreviation for Japan Bicycle Emerging Association, and roughly speaking, it is the standard used in ``keirin''.
Keirin athletes are only allowed to use frames and parts that meet the strict standards set by NJS.
One feature of all frames and parts that meet this standard is that they are engraved with "NJS" without exception.

The vivid purple color is rare among the frames in the BROTURES lineup.
If you are interested in the size and color, we highly recommend it!

The second one is here↓


LEGACY is the only chromoly frame from TYRANT BIKES.
By using seamless 4130 steel double butt, it achieves the original flexibility and strength of chromoly.
It is a highly expandable machine that can fit up to 35C tires and also has dowel holes for a bottle holder and rear rack.

CHRIS KING, known as the king of head parts, is attached to the head parts from the beginning.
We are committed to MADE IN USA, and everything from product development to manufacturing is carried out at CHRIS KING's own factory in Portland, Oregon. The head parts using CHRIS KING's unique precision bearings are extremely durable!

Another highlight is that it comes in BLACK x GOLD colors, which are difficult to obtain.

Moreover, it is an S rank product with almost no scratches or dirt!

The third one is here↓


735TR, LEADER®'s flagship model
As an iconic street fixie loved by riders all over the world, it has everything you could want for street riding. The original geometry that LEADER® has redesigned for the street is a revolutionary model that achieves quick response, stable driving feel, and comfort during stop and go on the street.

I think there are many people who have longed for it.
It's highly recommended for those who don't care about the scratches that come with being a second-hand car and don't worry about it if you ride it normally!
I think even the slightest scratches are tasteful and cool!

By the way, S size is also available, so please check it out!

Since this is a used vehicle, the size and color may be unique, but if you find a vehicle that suits you, you can get a great deal!

We update online from time to time, so we recommend checking it out before it's gone!

see you.

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