I love you, piste girl

A woman riding a fixie bike is commonly called a fixie girl.
Most of the people who ride fixie bikes are men, myself included...lol Because there are still very few women riding fixie bikes, you can often see them riding around town on a dashing fixie bike. I was so excited.
That's right, I like piste girls! If this is possible, I would like more women to ride fixie bikes!
So today, we will introduce a custom body that is recommended for piste girls.

LEADER ANGELINO TRANS BLUE ¥176,000-tax included

As I mentioned earlier, this custom is a body that I would recommend to women who are thinking of making their debut on a fixie bike! (lots of personal ego)

I'd like to see a subdued MATTE BLACK body like the LEADER 7 series, but personally, I'd like it to ride in a brightly colored car and run dashingly.
We chose TRANS BLUE, a new color from ANGELINO that has received many inquiries.
Speaking of ANGELINO, the RAW color is popular, but the TRANS blue color is just as good.
It's a beautiful glossy blue color with baked-on tints hidden in each weld, making it a very sexy color.

The welded part looks like this.

The scoop out of the seat tube also gives it a sexy look.This is the sexy zone of ANGELINO.

H PLUS SON Sl-42✖️PAUL TRACK HUB SILVER F/R ¥48,400-/¥52,800-

The wheels are set with glittering silver wheels.
If you set the coveted silver wheels before anyone else,
There is no doubt that it will attract even more attention from piste men walking around town!
Personally, I love making car bodies that are only concerned with appearance.
If you're having trouble choosing parts, it's important to look back and see what looks you really like.

BROTURES WIDE LOW RISER BAR ¥7,700-tax included

IOMIC IX-B Track Grip ¥2,640-tax included

Just because a bike looks cool doesn't mean it's suitable for city riding.
The handle is equipped with a riser bar that is easy for both men and women to ride.
The focus here is, of course, the grip.
A slim and stylish start IOMIC's grips are a recent trend at the Harajuku store.
This is a highly recommended grip that we continue to recommend to many customers.
There is a belief that comfort is the top priority when it comes to grips, but
GORI's idea is that you should take care of your playing spirit when it comes to the grip.
With that in mind, this time we chose PINK, a color that is very popular among women.
Add a touch of personal touch to your vehicle, and just by looking at the body of this car, you can imagine what kind of person is riding it.

There are still few piste girls.
I hope that blogs like this will help increase the number of people even a little. lol
At BROTURES Harajuku, Rene, the only female staff member in all of our stores, works there, so don't feel weird and just come to the store!
We are also looking for people who are thinking of giving a fixie bike as a gift to their special partner! LOL I have a dream of having my partner ride a fixie bike, so let's make that dream come true together at BROTURES Harajuku!

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