Kichijoji store recommended! Recommended ...

This time, the boring story of the beginning is closed and announced.

Tomorrow 16th (Sat) Open 19:30 / Premiere 20:30
Kichijoji / Musashino Public Hall Hall (admission free)
"Hi-Lite" Full Length Video "Blow" completed preview!

You should definitely go not only for skaters but also for fixes! !
After a squid video, there is an after party, so let's enjoy it.
For more information, "Hi-Lite"InstagramPlease check! absolute! !

If you see it, please call me (laughs)Kick.

This time, three recommended stock wheels! So I would like to introduce three new stock wheels!

The first is here ↓

Velocity Deep-V Rim Silver × Philwood High Flange Track Hub Silver

Rim is born in Australia Made in USA brand "Velocity
Because it is not a silver with a strong glare, I think that it can be finished in a car body with a luxurious and calm impression.
It is an excellent versatile rim in all the right rigidity, rigidity, aerodynamic effect, and durability of 30 mm.
The yellow decals with "Made in USA" and "Born in Australia" are also cute.
I want to match with the yellow character flite on the side of "FLITE 1990"!

The hub is high in both rotation and durabilityPhilwoodTruck hub
For about 5 years, you can continue riding in maintenance -free while maintaining the rotation.
A versatile hub that can be recommended for city riding and hard rides.
While spinning, spinning, time -consuming and expensive maintenance work
If you want to be relieved from the hassle, there is only this! Is a hub.

The second is here ↓

H Plus Son The Hydra × Philwood High Flange Track Hub Black

The rim is a popular rim maker H Plus Son with high rigidity and accuracyTHE HYDRA
The 25㎜ wide rim width and the shape of the mountain height are characteristic
It supports not only clinchers but also tubeless, so
It is recommended not only for all roads but also for traclo hard rides!
After all, the big logo of "THE HYDRA" is eye -catching.
If you unify the other parts with a white character logo, it looks cool and looks cool!

The hub is familiarPhilwoodTruck hub
Needless to say the performance, if you get lost, you can ride without stress if you choose PHILWOOD! (Laughs)
After choosing a Philwood without hesitation, the color and flange are waiting.
You can worry about this.
You can arrange it all black like this time, or even if you put the color in the color, the personality comes out and it is interesting.
HIGH has a large impact or a Low with a calm and fancy impression,
Be sure to worry while thinking about having customized your body (laughs)

In this wheel, although all black,
The High Flange has a presence according to the characteristic shape of the rim and a large logo.

The third is here ↓


The rim is the Original rim of BroturesWiver
Because it supports not only a wide rim and clincher but also tubeless
A versatile rim that can be used for all -round according to various styles.
This rim has a modest logo, so it is recommended when you want to keep your feet simple.

WIVER's polish is characterized by a luxurious glossy glossy, polished one by one.
Even with the same silver, silver alumite and polish, which were introduced in the first one, are completely different.

If you come to the store, you can actually show the difference, so please feel free to come to the store!

This is the hub againPhilwoodTruck hub
Why is it used for custom wheels?
That's because everything that has nothing to complain is high.
Not only the beauty of the simple modeling beauty, but also the performance can adapt to all how to ride.
When you make a stock wheel, you will choose.
This is an intuition or instinct, or a bicycle shop that has touched many parts.

In this wheel, you choose a modest Low Flange according to the simple rim, making it easy to match the frame and other parts custom.

This time, we introduced three new custom stock wheels at the Kichijoji store.
Originally, hand -set wheels take some time from order to delivery,
If it is a stock wheel, it can be handed over that day.
If you can actually come to the store with a bicycle, you can lightly match, so if you have a wheel you are interested in, please feel free to come to the store! !

see you.

1-1-2 Kichijoji Kitamachi, Musashino City, Tokyo MAP
Weekdays/12:00~18:00 (no regular holidays) Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays/10:00~18:00