[BROTURES Kichijoji] 2024 First Sale Plan...

Actually, I took a rest for about a week in December and returned to Sapporo.

As with every time, this time, we will also take a tour of "Beating local delicious food".
A long -established "clock" of European curry, the one and only soup curry "KING" with dashi, and seafood exploses sashimi at "Sea Sakura", a junior high school classmate. (The boiling of the liver is too delicious and it's really dangerous)
I waited for the airplane on the way home and returned with Sapporo Miso Ramen "Sora", and "Sachi" to the limit to the stomach.
Thank you to everyone who dating.

Apparently, I was infected with the flu in the week before my homecoming and lost 2 kg, but when I came back, I was restored (good). This is Miya.


By the way, 3 days left in 2023 and left.

Did you check the contents of the first sale project held at all BROTURE stores from 1/2?

Products in the real store ALL10%OFF !! Planning and
Max 100%OFF(That is, free), the first sale, the first saleLimited T -shirtOnLimited stickerWe will deliver the engine fully open from the first day of business in 2024! !

 * DOSNOVENTA®︎/ e-bike is not eligible for SALE.


So, so far, the first sale plan for all BROTURES stores ...
From here,Only BROTURES Kichijoji storeWe will introduce the first sale project!
(Because it's Namara Yabai, don't miss it until the end!)


BROTURES Kichijoji 2024 Initial Selling Plan -First-

All Leader® & Tyrant Bikes completed cars in the store can be delivered on the same day! !

It is a project that suddenly feels like a lie.

Sometimes I usually prepare a car body that can be delivered on the same day like a guerrilla, but this time, according to the first sale, the Leader®︎ finished car at the store, and the Tyrant Bikes completed car.all, We have assembled in a state that can be delivered on the same day! !

In realizing this project, Matsu -chan and the kick mechanic combination worked hard. (After a long time, Miya has just assembled.)

The color and size are limited, so please come to the store during the first sale period! !



BROTURES Kichijoji 2024 First Selling Plan -2nd-

Leader used car in the storeAll can be delivered on the same day! !
Furthermore, during the first sale period, SALE in stock! !

I still do it.
The Leader used car in the store can also be delivered on the same day on the same day! !

Furthermore, regarding the used finished car of Leader,

USED ​​LEADER 721TR → 77,000- (TAX IN)! !
USED ​​LEADER THE CURE → 77,000- (TAX IN)! !

USED ​​LEADER 725TR → 88,000- (TAX IN)! !

USED ​​LEADER 735TR → 99,000- (TAX IN)! !

It will be sold at a uniform price.

Regardless of condition or rare degree, it is a intense yaba price that is out of profits.
You can only get the finished car at this price only for the first sale period!


Angelino, a popular chromoly model

721TR of extremely rare fire pattern,

There are plenty of highlights, such as over -the -counter sales and polished 735TR.

Needless to say, there is only one used car, so the competition rate is higher.
Don't miss this ton demo project! !


BROTURES Kichijoji 2024 Initial Selling Plan -3rd-

Used frame & wheel super garage sale! !

Used frames and used wheels that can only be obtained at the Kichijoji store
During the first sale period, MAX 70%OFF! !

(It still looks like a phantom, but there are frames that can be bought for less than 10,000 yen.


It's already a bit of a barre in the image, but there are still many high -end aluminum frames and carbon wheels, so please come and look for scratch!


As mentioned above, the first sale project of 2024 [Brotures Kichijoji Store only] looks like this.

Everyone who is always indebted, and those who have never come to the Kichijoji store.
We look forward to seeing you at the beginning of the year.
I think it will be quite fluttering on the day, but we are waiting for all the staff, so we look forward to your visit! !

Then everyone, a good year.


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Weekdays/12:00~18:00 (no regular holidays) Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays/10:00~18:00