Kichijoji Store Let's Futsal Ride will be...

The other day, I climbed Mt. Takao!
I've been there before, but this time I went mountain climbing! So we mainly went on unpaved mountain roads.
It was winter, it was cold, and there was still a lot of snow, but we managed to get back safely.
I was completely underequipped with VANS on my feet, but I'm glad I didn't get hurt.

It seems that Mt. Takao has the highest number of mountain climbers in the world. Takao Osawa said this.
Hi, I'm Kick.

So, as the title says

Group ride will be held at Kichijoji store on Sunday, February 18th! !

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Destination: Yoyogi Park Futsal Court <br>Meeting time: BROTURES Kichijoji store 19:00 (19:30 departure)
Distance: Approximately 14km one way (approximately 1 hour)

This time's destination is Yoyogi Park Futsal Court !
You can tell from the destination what this ride is about, and yes, it's a futsal ride !

Let's go to CRACKS NIGHT hosted by Ono-kun, a colleague of mine at the Harajuku store!
Futsal will be held from 21:00 to 23:00, so if you would like to participate in futsal, ・ENTRY: ¥2,000-
SportswearFutsal shoes (training shoes)
Please prepare for it! !

Not only those who enjoy soccer as a hobby, but also those who have never exercised before are welcome!
Don't worry, I haven't been active since middle school, so don't worry!
Let's do our best together (lol)

It's okay to just participate in the ride without participating in futsal!
The ride will be disbanded locally , so you can enjoy the ride by eating around Yoyogi Park, cycling through the park, or just watching and cheering!

In 2024, if you want to start exercising, if you like soccer, or if you just want to ride, please feel free to join us!
Please just equip the brakes and lights!

We look forward to seeing you at our Kichijoji store at 19:00 on Sunday, February 18th!

see you.

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