That limited frame has been assembled.

Hello, this is Len.

Today's blog will be about checking customer bikes.
The frame you ordered is that limited collaboration frame.

A mysterious and dangerous collaboration that is sold out by pre-order.
TALKING TERPS is an apparel brand created by ZOMBIE JUICE, one of the members of FLATBUSH ZOMBIES, an American three-piece hip-hop group from the Flatbush area of ​​Brooklyn, New York, formed in 2010.

In this collaboration, confidence is the model, and it's a very exciting collaboration for those who like it.
To begin with, DOSNOVENTA is a brand that has almost never released collaboration frames, so suddenly there was a collaboration, so everyone was excited.
I have put together this one, so I would like to introduce it to you.

This is the completed form.
A custom made all black with a frame characterized by a soft matte purple like lavender.
The accent color of gold gives it a touch of elegance.

I would say that this time it has a slightly special parts configuration.
Some parts were purchased at the BROTURES Kichijoji store, which handles outlet items, and assembled at the Osaka store.
Actually, you can do something like this.

It's no longer on sale so I can't buy it, but I want to use it!
In such a case, BROTURES Kichijoji store will be your strong ally.
There may also be rare treasure items hidden there.

We can respond to such inquiries on a case-by-case basis, so please feel free to contact us.
This bike check has also been uploaded to YOUTUBE, so please check it out as well.

I'm also excited about 2024.
If another collaboration were to materialize, it would become a competition that requires reservations.
Please look forward to the new launch.


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